road rider looking for ADV advice

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    Apr 3, 2006
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    Based on what you've said here, I wouldn't consider any adventure bike. They're fine on easy single track, but difficult when things get technical. I would also probably rule out the bigger dual sports too. A KTM 500EXC would likely work well for what you want to do.

    As for riding skills coming back, I took about a year off from riding in the dirt when I was in the process of moving. My street skills were fine. I had sold a KTM 990 Adventure, then bought a 1090R once I was settled. I figured I should be able to ride it anywhere I would have taken the 990 a couple of years earlier, but my confidence was gone once I got back to it. After half a dozen rides on the mountain dirt roads around here on my XR650L, I was mostly back where I wanted to be. Another half a dozen rides on the KTM and I was okay. It didn't come back instantly. Now that I have a slightly smaller adventure bike and get out once a week on average the skills are back. But I keep those bikes out of the tight rough stuff.

    Now I'm looking for a third bike under 250 pounds for the single track stuff. Weight and suspension travel make a huge difference in that stuff.