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    Thank you all, I will put RR when I back :)
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    Garmin users will be the happiest.
    There is RO.A.D. 2006 and 2008 Romania GPS maps application out there for them, built by Garmin. Very detailed and available on the internet if you know where to search.
    Off-road bikers rely a lot on Legend Hcx, Vista Hcx and the 60Csx Garmins. Adventurers also go with Zumo.

    If you go by paper maps (no plastic ones available for sale here, unhappily) nowadays you have the next books of maps/atlasses :

    * Catographia (about 9 Euros, mostly used)

    * DiMap (about 10-12 Euros)

    * ALL Publ.H. Romania tourist-road atlas (12 Euros)

    * The House of Guides Romania tourist-road atlas (7 Euros):

    They are the best as they also show the touristic objectives.
    I reccomend the first two.
    If you want to go serious off-road and do not have a GPS the only option will be the mountain maps.
    Most of them (if not all) are digitally available here:

    If you plan to travel through some particular group of mountains you will always find them available in that area, in a lot of places. Please pay attention to natural reservation areas (this is also a good reason to buy new, updated maps; there have been a lot of natural reservations established lately).
    I also consider that internet ones are ok but i prefer the original 1m/1m map to have it with me in the tank bag. Some internet maps are also not at the ideal resolution and no matter how much you pay for a top quality color printing you will not have the expected quality. Use them to plan your route from home, but just that. Once you can, get the paper ones. They all cost about 3 or 4 euros. If more expensive than that, try somewhere else.
    Indicated also to buy them from libraries and mountaneering shops you find in the big cities along your route. If you happen to go by. Don`t bother losing hours in a city traffic just to buy some maps 99% you`ll find near your destination.

    You can read more about maps on the Romanian motorcycle forum (reccomend; use Google Translate and you`ll understand all):

    Unhappily, at the moment, there is no worthy site to include all the touristic objectives to be seen in Romania.
    You will have to criss-cross your way among tens of websites and decide for yourselves.