Route Barée - 7 day ride through France

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    Sep 2, 2013
    The Netherlands
    During the x-mas holidays I finally found the time to start with working on the English version from my ride report.
    This trip was during my preseason holidays in May.
    The original report I wrote in Dutch so bare with me while I try to translate it to my best knowing.

    I don't mind your input, well actually I like your reactions or comments.

    For starters the preparation and day one.. :D
    The other days I will add one by one, once I have the translation and pictures properly uploaded and stuff.

    Before I set off I took some time to prepare a few things.


    I wanted some more luggage options than the roll bag and top case, so I bought 2 saddle bags at xlmoto, with some craft-work they now sit neatly on the Suzuki. At home I drove another round to test:


    Everything was neatly packed on the bike and I actually didn't notice the luggage when I was driving.


    I also want to test my phone using Osmand + for navigation.
    With MRA (Dutch webbased software for making routes) I copied all routes to my phone as gpx and projected them all onto the map as one big overlay.
    I set the right track to navigate when each day starts.
    Just to be sure I also have my TomTom Rider 400 on the dashboard. Put all the tracks in there, the advantage is that it displays the traffic information using the internet connection via my phone.

    The route:

    I used myroute app to be able to create the routes in advance.
    For my inspiration, I used the "Balcony roads" of the Dangerous roads site and did a lot off copy and paste to make the complete route..
    I also composed my own google map with only the mountain passes that are in Europe.
    This trips route will take me towards the south of France, into the lower Alps, touching the Mediterranean and then circling back into the higher Alps (hoping the snow won't make up for to much closed roads).

    The Ride:

    Route Bareé - Closed route

    And another motorcycle trip, the last one was exactly one year ago.
    Time to let the tires roll again.
    This year those tires are on a Suzuki V-strom 1000, which I bought at the end of last years riding season.
    Before leaving, I took the bike to a workshop nearby for a big service and a new front tire.

    Day 1:

    Kilometers driven: 811 km
    Departure: 8:00
    Arrival: 16:15
    Overnight: Camping l'Oiselon, Pont-d'Ain, France

    En Route
    A lot of highway, that will surely result in an ironbutt ..:(

    First stop, 10 minutes from home, not for breakfast but to check if everything was still stuck to the bike. And to put both my shirt and sweater in my pants.
    Because of the luggage and the high screen, the wind circles right behind me and goes up under my coat. Super annoying, a cold back ..:baldy
    Anyway, back on the A2 in to the saddle, next stop first gas station past Liège.

    Only a short stop, filling up the tank and a pee. The parking lot is full of motorbikes, I think there are about 20 of them.
    All of those are old men allroads .. oh wait ...:knary

    Back in the saddle to see how far the next stretch will be.
    It turns out that was just past Metz, to the toilet again, to drink, to stretch my legs and off again.
    Next stop, I don't really remember where that was.

    That day a few more stops followed, these long stretches on the highway in the saddle are not good for my body. My shoulders hurt and my ass feels like a barn door.

    The Suzuki racks up the kilometers without grumbling. With 140 on the clock, the consumption rises to 1L in 15km’s. The last part I drive a bit slower, I'm getting tired. The consumption then drops to 1 in 17. Not really the effort of taking it easy.

    At around 4 o'clock I turn on to the campsite.
    Time for a beer and to setup my tent.

    This is the first time that I have taken my new tent out of its bag. A Coleman thingy.


    With a good 10 minutes my setup is complete.
    Not after I almost fell over when I got off my bike though...:hmmmmm

    The ground was too soft for the side-stand so I had to move the bike several times. Finally I put it on the path, on the center-stand. You would say the step went well because otherwise you will not get the thing on the stand..
    So far so good..:-)
    However, when I want to step backwards my motorcycle jeans gets caught behind the left foot-stand. And hop...there I go right on my back.
    Luckily I was not stupid enough to hold on to the handlebars, otherwise I would probably have had the bike on my belly..:doh
    Fortunately the grass was soft so the landing didn't really hurt.

    And there was only dude who saw it. A German guy, who, it turned out later, didn't have them all at a glance. It was only gibberish that came out of that dude..which I found out when he started talking to me a few minutes later.


    The rest of the evening got filled with a good hot shower, another beer and a cold pizza. At half past eight I go to bed to do a bit of reading.

    At 5 o'clock I wake up again. I think the first days ride made me sleepy.
    I turn around a few more times and finally the alarm goes at 6 o'clock.
    Time for day 2 ..:clap
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    Sep 2, 2013
    The Netherlands
    Day 2


    Kilometers driven: 416 km
    Departure: 7:00
    Arrival: 4:20 pm, Die, France
    Accommodation: Camping Justin, Die, France
    Route GPX: My route app, day 2

    6 am the alarm clock, fifteen minutes later I am up and running The holiday routine starts, getting out of bed, sleeping bag in the bag, etc. etc.
    Yesterday after arrival I had put my cooling elements into the freezer @ the reception, which opens at 7 am.
    So I go fetch them and load all my gear on my bike, at exactly 7 o'clock I climb back in the sadlle.


    Yesterday when I went looking for dinner, I saw a bakery who had a lot of goodies in the display:

    So a baguette for the road and an eclair + espresso for now, 2nd round was another espresso and a croissant.


    The espresso drops straight into the pants and I race back to the campsite, at least I can go to the toilet properly there.
    Okay too much info but that is also part of living on the road.:puke1

    I select the right track in my tomtom


    and ride out of the village.
    The first part are some wide straight provincial roads.
    It is still early Sunday and so this road is empty. Time to heat up the engine..:super
    The road / route follows the river Rhoné and I spot a dam thingy (many will follow this day).


    Since all the corpses from yesterday are still on my visor, I have been watching with my lazy eye whether I see a tap or fountain somewhere.
    And yes in the next village there is an old washing place.
    So I can clean my helmet now.

    A few villages further on, it finally starts to look like, the hills that I had seen in the distance and that I had been following on the left for a while now suddenly lie in front of me and the first warning is there:


    This seems to be more like it, no hairpin turns yet but some nice rolling through the hills, the sun is shining.
    If it’s up to me this may last all day.
    I spot a nice bridge and take another picture.


    Actually this is not really getting me anywhere. I just keep taking pictures and because that doesn't really go well while driving, I have to stop.
    That way I never get those kilometers done.

    The route winds on nicely,, the valleys become narrower and the rocks come into view.
    Unfortunately, the sun often disappears behind the clouds, but it remains dry so far.


    In the meantime, I fancy a cup of coffee, so I search for a nice place to stop.


    Almost every village with 5 houses has such a washing place.
    My water bottle, which I taken from home, is almost empty, so I fill my drinking bottle and coffee pot under the "eternally" flowing tap.
    The cup of coffee doesn’t taste any less. :yum

    Over to the next post because it seems I can only upload 10 pictures @ a time.
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    Sep 2, 2013
    The Netherlands
    Resuming the report of Day 2:


    A few kilometers further I spot a nice bridge. So I park the Suzuki on it for some pictures and to stretch my legs.
    ndys the coffee has almost found its way out, so it's time for a pee.
    Now the hills follow one and another quickly and I spot the first "Balcony", however, I just overtaken a car a bit cheeky… So no stopping now.
    The road ahead is suddenly closed and instead I have to go into a completely dark tunnel, so I don't even get to ride on “the balconies”.
    The tunnel is totally dark and my Suzuki is not really a bright light so I am not really enjoying myself in that tunnel.
    High Beam on and automaticity I duck down with my head .. strange what your body does "by itself" ..

    But well on the other side there is a great view:


    Meanwhile the fuel tank is empty, there is only 1 bar left lit on the fuel gauge , the tank symbol flashes.
    Yesterday on the highway I just achieved the 300km on 1 tank, now I am "only" on the 250 mark so I must be able to continue a bit further.
    These extra km’s are shurely necessary because the road is getting narrower and the tomtom is leaving me in the dark when it comes to displaying gas stations.


    A bit further on, there is more and more gravel in the middle of the narrow road.
    Meanwhile, the next warning phase of the Suzuki has entered.
    The last bar now also flashes, alternately with the tank symbol.

    Okay they sure know how to get someone nervous there in Japan.
    I keep on driving, after all, there is nothing else to do.. but unconsciously I start shifting up a little earlier and accelerating more slowly.
    When the road starts to descend I pull in the clutch and roll down in neutral..

    All of a sudden I drive on one of those balconies so I stop for a few photos
    and send my girl a selfie again, that is already number 4 this trip and this is only day 2 ..



    I climb on the bike again .. press start...
    Half a turn and that was it.

    Luckily the road still goes quite a bit downhill, so pull in the clutch, a little push and some speed.
    Meanwhile I click to third gear, let the clutch go and the thing runs again.
    But there was not much fuel left.. So let’s leave it running for now.
    However, the fuel cap is locked, with my ignition key.
    That seems to be important for the "running part of this bike"..
    For nowe the road seems to be going downhill quit steep.
    So I pull the clutch, turn of the bike by turning the key.
    The engine quits, I pull the key out of the ignition, open the fuel cap,
    Put the key back in the eginition, drop the clutch and hoppa ..

    Back in the valley I use googlemaps to find myself a gas station and after some driving that shops turns out to be closed.
    Fortunately, I already saw a French mega supermarket, they almost always have a gas station.
    So does this one.
    With the engine running, I fill the tank.
    And then the idea rises that I maybe can buy one of those start assistance batteries at that supermarket.
    I park the Suzuki, switch it off, take off my helmet and walk to the entrance.

    Which gets closed right in front of my nose by the guard.
    Closing time for this Sunday...
    Okay me and my luck ..
    This parking place is totally flat so no help from gravity with pushing the 250kg bike.
    Hopefully there is enough juice in the battery again turn turn over the engine
    Nope, there wasn’t..
    I’m afraid this will be pushing , 1000cc v-twin .. ouch
    I click the gear into third, and start to walk, then run (with 250kg in my hands) and release the clutch.
    It’s alive and dies right in my hands again..
    Second attempt .. run again, put my weight on the saddle and release the clutch.
    Yes the beast is alive.
    What a kick .. In the meantime I am panting like an old guy who has pushed his walker up the slope at the ikea.

    But the beast is running again.
    I put it on the jiffy, and pull out everything that consumes electricity.
    Phone charger, plugs on both headlights and that was it, that's seems to be all I can do without.
    I set the navi back to the proper track and continue on my way.
    In the meantime, my mind wonders towards how I can fix this. Maybe the alternator won't charge anymore. This looks like I am in the need off a motorcycle shop tomorrow.
    But for now, let’s ride and just do not turn it off, unless on a slope.

    Found a slope on the sunny side of the hills..
    I was starting to feel hungry so all good so far.
    I pull out my baguette and put some boursin on it and drink some juice.
    And just enjoy the view.


    It’s not really enjoying, because I am disappointed by the Suzuki, why won’t the thing start / load.
    I wriggle a bit with some wires because I also want to disconnect the gripheater.
    But I can't seem to reach the proper wires to disconnect the lot.
    I jump on again, push the thing a down the slope, tap it in 3rd and think let’s try "starting normally".
    Yes the starter motor tuns over again and the twin comes to live.
    With a slightly better mood I continue my tour.

    I can even smile again, so I take a selfie again ..


    All of a sudden the roads are starting to become pretty narrow, this I like.


    The Suzuki seems to like it as well.

    Now I am really starting to enjoy the speed and the roads, even with the luggage on this thing moves. The steps this v-strom makes are a bit more serious than my previous bike. A Yamaha Fazer.
    And my Vespa .. yes that looks like a moped compared to this.
    There is a disadvantage as well.
    Because the steps are this large you really, really drive seriously fast in a blink f the eye.
    And I don't like that very much.
    I also want to see something and I am not a real race style rider ..
    Maybe I am just a sissy and things just go to fast for me.
    I like the short turns, bumpy roads, half gravel paths.
    I don't really like those long runners where the speeds easily go above 100km/h.
    This is when I miss my Vespa, it just doesn't go faster so it all stays within my comfort zone.


    Again balconies. Nice piece of road here.

    10 pictures again, on to the next post...
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    Sep 2, 2013
    The Netherlands
    On with day 2 again:

    It seems to be closed, at least some fences on the road try to tell me that.
    Route Barée and that kind of hints.


    Still my navi tells me that I have to go in this direction.
    So I pretend I'm crazy and drive on.
    After a few hundred meters I see some mud on the road, some large boulders and an excavator.
    Ah the reason for this closing, but I can easily just pass this.
    By the looks of it and the car tracks in the mud it’s not just me who passes this “road block”


    I drive into a forest with a lot of Mary and Jesus statues, is it Ascension yet ..?


    I stop for a blessing and again a selfie.
    I have to do that more often, and send them to my girlfriend as well.
    She is also on a little trip (with her mom), to Macedonia.


    I twist and turn a bit more slowly now, not because I don't want to go faster, but I hatched a plan.
    I am going to take photos with one hand and drive with the other..
    So I drive at a slow pace and just press the button randomly to take some pictures.



    Not really photo contest winners here. [​IMG]
    Unfortunately, quite a few clouds have moved in and it is suddenly getting colder.

    All of a sudden I drive over balconies and through tunnels again.
    It is really super beautiful here.
    A pity it’s a bit cold but I will not let that spoil the fun ....


    I take a selfie again.
    Maybe I should buy a selfie stick, that could be something for me.
    For now I park my motorcycle (and let it run because it is flat here and just to be sure)
    And walk a bit for a better overview.



    Deja vu back to last years trip, but so far it’s still not raining.
    In contrast to last year, back then I had already been completely soaked 3 times by the rain on day 2.

    Again 10 pictures.. this is starting to do my head in..
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    Sep 2, 2013
    The Netherlands
    Last bit off day 2:


    I stop for a moment to stretch my legs.
    It’s pretty steep here so I dare to.


    After a little hurling down the mountain side and some cursing about the RV’s.
    I turn into the village of Die, this is my destination today. In the middle of the Dromé.
    I drive towards the municipal campsite and take a selfie again.
    Which of course I send to my girlfriend.
    Arrived safely today.



    Above this village at the very top of the hill / mountain is a cross, that of Justin.
    You can reach it by bike / car, a good gravel path takes you up there.
    So I pitch my tent and climb on the bike again.
    An evening ride. ...
    But I'll add that later.:D
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    Sep 2, 2013
    The Netherlands
    Day 2 evening ride

    When I was done setting up my tent I eat a bag of nuts and drink a small cold beer.
    Somewhere under those trees are both my bike and my tent.

    Once I finished the bag of nuts I put on my gear and climb back on the bike.
    Those few kilometers up a gravel path must be doable.:-)
    From the village I drive straight through a few fields on a small path, it is well signposted so even I can't get lost here.


    Google maps also seems to know about this cross up the hill.
    So I just clicked on it and pressed the "navigate to" button.
    The route is fairly easy, 7 km of gravel path meandering up the mountain.


    Once I reach the top the coolest view of the valley with the village Die at the bottom unfolds it's self.

    The view is just awesome and it's worth spending the evening here just gazing around.
    I think it would be a great spot for a bbq during the sunset.

    I take a selfie and send it to my girlfriend.


    I take some time to look around, take more pictures and let me and my bike roll down the mountainside again, time for a drink and a snack. That must be doable in the village down here.


    On the market square I find a nice terrace I order a beer and I ask the garcon where I can have a good meal tonight.
    I tell him: Please no "French haute cuisine".
    He points me to a place on the same square, where he tells me, they have some very good burgers.


    The burger joint opens at 7 am, but their terrace is all ready set up, their door is open, and they are messing around in the shop.

    I ask if I can just sit there already, which turns out not to be a problem.
    So as a true Dutchman I am eagerly waiting to get some diner, a quarter to 7, at my table on their terrace.

    Just after 7, the owner comes to take my order.
    I order that burger and tell them that their neighbor has said that it is very good so that my expectations are (very) high. I also ask for something brewed locally.

    After 10 minutes my plate arrives and I can finally dig in.


    I eat my snack, order a espresso and an ice cream for dessert and pay my bill.
    And go back to the campsite.

    There I write the report for days 1 and 2 and upload them to the dutch motorforum.
    When I am finished with that it's around 11 o'clock when I go to sleep.
    It has been a long and tiring day, but I had a blast..:jack

    Also: Writing a report on a (mini) laptop in the tent is like torture, how do my fellow travelers do it..??
    The only way to type is to sit on my ass on my bed with the laptop on my lap.
    Which I can seem to do for max 5 minutes or my back and neck start to hurt from awkward position / bending over.
    Other option is lying on my back, but then I cannot type a word, on my side is totally out of the

    Finally I find that laying on my stomach with a pillow under my chest, seems to be the "best option", but this is also not for writing an entire book:vardy.
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    Jul 29, 2012
    Thank you very much for enduring the pain involved to write this report! I am enjoying it very much! The report, not your pain!!
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    Sep 2, 2013
    The Netherlands
    @Blader54 thanks.. I think :lol3

    Day 3:
    Kilometers driven: 376 km
    Departure: 8:15, Die, France
    Arrival: 5:00 pm, Moustier st Marie, France
    Overnight: Camping Manayssedriven , France
    Kilometers: 376 km
    Route GPX: My route app, GPX day 3


    I wake up, like always around 6 ish, pack my bags and put the whole lot down on a picnictable and eat my last piece of baguette that I had left from the day before.


    Now that I am still sitting comfortably I also make myself a cup of coffee and put my route for today in navi.



    The reception il not be open until 9 o'clock and I handed in my cooling elements yesterday.
    Yesterday the lady that works there told me that they would be there bright and early to clean the toilets.
    Then she could also give me back my cooling blocks.
    Yep, just after 8 o'clock she arrives on her scooter, opens the reception and comes out with my blue blocks.

    I load all the stuff left over from breakfast in the top case and ride off the campsite, I still have to refuel, so in the same village I can stop again.
    Gas station with bakery in 1 so I don't pass on a fresh baguette and croissant.


    Oops, talking about looking like I just spend my last dime on that croissant.

    I drive through villages and past a closed pub with an appropriate name.

    Everything is still asleep, or well, I think it always is in these villages.
    There’s always a bit of an abandoned atmosphere in these small villages.
    The road is of the continuous type, this is racking up kilometers again but it is not really challenging or a fun drive.

    A little further I turn off the main road and take a left into the hills again.


    And drive on to the first pass of this day.

    It's quiet there and I'm taking it easy, heating up the tires gently, not like those race freaks that swing across the road from left to right.
    But from bend to bend, that's how we get the heat in them.
    Brakes, back to 2nd gear, push the handlebars to the right, motor falls to the left, head to the left mirror, throttle constant, motor straight up again, gas open.

    And that time and time again.

    Nice pass here, especially because it's just nice and quiet, the asphalt feels nice and rough and it just seems to be a beautiful day.


    A bit further up is the sign with the same pass name again.
    Col de Meneé At the


    top of the pass there are more clouds, its a bit colder and besides that it is time to send a selfie to my girl.


    10 pictures limit reached..
    first I'm off to make some diner, the rest of day 3 will follow later on tonight :thumb
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    Sep 2, 2013
    The Netherlands
    Day 3 follow up..:lurk


    Going down again on the other side of this hill.
    They don't seem to be able to build a straight road here, so I just keep swinging from left to right.

    What follows is a big part of connecting route, more "main road" then I like. A lot of freight traffic and unfortunately a lot of clouds and with that freaking cold weather.
    I press on, catch up with some trucks and drive into a different valley via a short pass.

    There I see some blue sky's and my route turns off the main road again.



    Col de Grimone, I drive a few hundred meters up the road and find a place to stop.
    Time for some coffee.



    Some riders pass by, I wave to my fellow riders.:wave

    And also here they seem to wonder around..., cyclists a trio is coming up the mountain. They stop 10 meters from me to tinker with one of their bicycles.

    They are 2 men and 1 woman (a nice one too, yes, but that stupid bicycle..)
    But I'm not starting this story to talk about her cycling shorts, although it is distracting.

    I'm starting it because they really behave like proper cyclists.
    Unlike me.. they don't stop besides the road, but almost in the middle of the road.

    There is not a lot of traffic passing by, but the few that do almost need to go through the roadside... on the other side of the freaking street.

    In the meantime, the lot of cyclists seem completely blind to this, as is often these cases.
    s soon as you put on those tight shorts and climb on that bicycle, it seems as if any form of social ability has disappeared.

    I fiddle around a bit, drink my coffee, clean up my mess, put my motorcycle in the middle of the road just because I can. Leave it there for a few minutes, climb on it and drive on again.


    The sun has started to shine and it is a nice area to look around a bit.


    After some hairpin's I drive through a tunnel in the rocks and suddenly I am once again under one of those overhanging rocks.


    Nice place here, really cool, you wonder why they make such an effort to build roads here....:ricky
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    Sep 2, 2013
    The Netherlands

    It also appears they made up a name for the place:
    Gorges des Gats

    I drive past the motorcyclists who passed me during my coffee, they are having lunch somewhere.
    I will continue for now, lunch will come later.
    Time for another pass, Col de Miscon


    There is a lot of gravel next to the road and who doesn't want a photo of his motorcycle next to a lot of gravel.


    The road start to look narrower, I drive through one those villages that consist of 3 houses. Most of the time no one lives there anymore.
    But what I see more and more are these new commune-like settlements that are emerging here.
    Lots of "new constructions" with wood, with green/grass roofs, solar panels, water collection things and more of that left side niggling.

    No I don't mean it wrong, but I notice that there is such a hipster atmosphere.
    And that's a good thing, they are rebuilding these old small settlements, starting new lives, family's will live here.. Cool !

    All of a sudden I see a river and I dare take it...


    What an adventure, my first water crossing on the v-strom.
    That was really exciting, don't think I can sleep tonight..
    Fortunately it all went well because there is not many people living here, it seems.


    Time for my lunch, I take off my helmet and with that I scare off half the village.


    After a piece baguette with the last remainder (meanwhile quite sharp) Boursin I ride the next pass again.
    Col de Soubeyrand


    It is really quiet here in this corner of France.
    I hardly see any traffic and I can push up the speeds a bit.
    The weather is good, this is starting to look like a holiday...:brow


    Of course also a photo for the girl.
    They have made a "route" here, Gorges d'Aulan. Nice piece of nature but nothing else, no bar no saloon or something.

    And it's hot here .. I start to feel like a toast..


    Heee 10 picture limit.. :becca
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    Jan 11, 2012
    Kingsmill Corner Ont.
    Really enjoying this. Thanks for posting.
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    Sep 2, 2013
    The Netherlands
    On with day 3...
    I have way more then 10 pictures left for this day so this wont be the last post filled with this day's report.:D


    The surroundings are great here, I keep stopping to make more pictures.


    When I exit this/these/the Gorges on the other side, I find a nice village, with a gas station. Sure was in need for that, so that works out well.
    So it seems that somewhere between 250 to 300 km that there must be a refuel moment.
    Not really a proper round the world kind of distance on a big bike like this. But hey over here it's not really a problem, but I can imagine being in a desert somewhere this is not enough km's to get from one to another fuel point.

    In front of me, 2 Germans are messing about, they take forever, I know I am on a holiday but come on....
    I am wiping sweat from my eyes in the full sun.

    Yeah those 2..:dirtdog

    Sometimes there is suddenly a surprise, The landscape seems flat and somewhat hilly, nothing special.
    But nothing is less besides the truth if I turn the next corner.




    Suddenly it’s a lot busier here, I am near “The Dutch mountain”, Mont Ventoux.
    There is some gorge nearby you can drive through.
    That is also what the campervans, cars and many cyclists thought of doing today..
    Some of whom think I am driving too fast, I am told to take it easy. Or at least that’s what I think the waving and pointing @ heads means.
    Whatever I was actually doing that ..
    But well …., I click back a few gears and let the twin roar among these hills.
    That will teach them.

    This is another stretch of my route where I keep taking pictures, this way I will never reach the campsite tonight.



    Yep.. you know what time it is.. next post time.. :thumbup
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    Sep 2, 2013
    The Netherlands
    I finally reach the end of this Gorges again and have a clear view of "the mountain"

    The surroundings here continue to surprise me, you just drive around, beautiful nature and stuff but suddenly you turn out to be on top a "plateau" (flat).



    I notice that I am stopping more often, I am starting to get tired.
    So I drive to a quiet place and for fifteen minutes I lay down on the roadside with something to drink.



    It's not super far to the end of the route for this day, but unfortunately it looks like I'm driving towards the clouds.


    The clouds are getting darker and I don't want to but a bet on it.
    So I stop to put on my rain gear.
    First only my jacket, but of course 5 minutes later it really starts to rain.
    So I stop again to put on my rain pants.
    Now it starts to pour, like something opened up above me.
    I’m wearing my "normal" motorcycle shoes. A pair of those fashionable Dainese thingy’s.
    Sold to be waterproof but on day 2 I had them they proved to be anything but that.
    Let alone now 5 years later.
    So after 5 minutes in the rain I feel my feet getting wet.
    Okay bummer, but it is what it is.
    I am on my way to a campsite I also visited on my last years trip.
    Then it rained terribly the last part of that day’s ride.
    Now exactly one year later, and again, when I arrive at the campsite it’s raining cats and dogs.
    Every dead fly that was on the Suzuki washed off…. gone...
    Apart from wet hands and feet, my rainsuit did well.

    The rain is heavy but I know from last year, at this campsite I can put my tent under “a shelter”.
    I talk and make jokes with the owner, that it also was such bad weather last year.
    Of course he can't remember me.
    But he suggests that I may pitch my tent in his "shelter".
    So I don't hang around too long, and push my bike there.
    Drag my stuff inside and sit down, I'm hungry and don't want to walk to the village in this freaking weather.
    So I open a few bags of noodles and boil some water, all goes well.


    Grab a beer from the reception, eat a Fuet sausage on whatever It was I had with me.
    This makes me human again, this day ride was a lot to say,It made me very tired.

    Walking in and out into the rain all the time starts to annoy me so I also drag the Suzuki into the shelter.


    The fur is fully soaked .. That will take a while before it will be dry again.
    I check the weather forecast and it doesn't look good ... darn.
    I call my girl, it's nice to hear her voice.
    She is in Macedonia with her mother and seems to enjoy herself a lot..

    The bad weather and the tiredness cause me to be disappointed.
    I am scrolling around in various weather apps, but it looks bad everywhere, so moving somewhere else is not an option.
    It is what it is.,
    I pitch my tent, only the inside tent this time. For the light I pull over a dark sheet of tarp that I have taken with me.


    Fortunately it is getting dry again and it looks very cool outside.


    I dive in to my bed early today, luckily that is dry, all my stuff is still dry and I have arrived safely again.
    It was a great day, super good route, I have seen nice things and had great fun riding these roads.
    Hope it will be dry tomorrow.:-)
  14. Blader54

    Blader54 Long timer

    Jul 29, 2012
    I love this part of Europe very much, and it is very good to see it again from your perspective! Looking forward to your arrival in Moustier......
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  15. Bommes

    Bommes Been here awhile

    Sep 2, 2013
    The Netherlands
    The last post I wrote about arrival in Moustier st Marie, so it's already been written....:-)
    Maybe you didn't see all the posts on day 3?
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  16. Johnnydarock

    Johnnydarock Been here awhile

    May 6, 2009
    Redondo Beach CA
    What a great part of France. Thanks for posting.
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  17. Jim K.

    Jim K. Long timer

    Jan 14, 2011
    New Haven, Ct.
    Great report, on some of the best roads in Europe. Thanks for taking the time to write it up (& translate for the rest of us). Your English is just fine. The language ability of the Dutch always amazes me. I've visited your country four times for several weeks each time & only managed to learn two words (Pannenkoeken & Beerinburg), since everyone I met spoke better English than most of my countrymen.
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  18. Blader54

    Blader54 Long timer

    Jul 29, 2012
    Yes, of course! Day 3! I see it now! I think I have never seen the village from the vantage point you had, so did not immediately recognize it. It has been some years since I was there last, but I think I came in from another direction, which found me in the main touristic area. Seeing things from another rider's perspective is one of the things I enjoy most in your report! Is your girl enjoying all the selfies? We are!!:clap
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  19. Bommes

    Bommes Been here awhile

    Sep 2, 2013
    The Netherlands
    @Johnnydarock , @Jim K. and @Blader54 thanks for the reply's.. :thumbup
    And the other people for the likes you have the posts.
    Always fun to read/see that your ride reports get good reviews..

    Today was my first work day after the x-mas holidays. Well not actually a work day but I started back @school last September.
    1 day a week normally, but the last few weeks it has been 2 days a week plus a lot of hours homework/studying.

    So this evening kinda looked like this.
    Picture is actually from a few days ago, but just to share the idea.

    Not very interesting for the forums.
    But the downside is that I have not found the time tonight to work on day 4 of this report..
    Got the translation ready. But splitting it into 10 picture posts, uploading those pictures and sorting the lot into a nice layout is a bit more work.

    Hang on guys and gals.. the rest will follow I promise :-)
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  20. Blader54

    Blader54 Long timer

    Jul 29, 2012
    We will be waiting!