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RTW - June 2020 - From Poland on East

Discussion in 'Americas' started by Zabaluk, Sep 14, 2019.

  1. Zabaluk

    Zabaluk n00b

    Sep 9, 2019
    Poland / Warsaw

    I didn't find the right place for my theme, but that I will spend the most time in the Americas, I decided to write it here.

    I start my trip (June 2020) in Poland and I go to South Korea through Mongolia and Vladivostok.

    Then I shipping motorcycle to Vancouver (October) and I'm going through the USA, Mexico to Panama to run away from winter.

    Then when it gets warm I will go to Alaska (June 2021), then along Canada to New York (~ September 2021), Route 66 to Los Angeles and at the end of southern USA (Texas) I will get to Florida and finally New York and back to Europe.

    This is the general outline of the trip on 2 years.

    Trip will be slow and very low budget, most sleeping under a tent.

    Your hints about the route and the trip are very welcome.
    What good to know?

    Of course, if someone wants to join a section of the route, I invite you too!


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  2. kantuckid

    kantuckid Long timer

    Nov 29, 2007
    Kentucky-Eastern that is!
    A KS HS friend of mine who also rides is Jim Oliver, now retired and living in CO.
    His BMW MC, Lucille which he rode from Valdivostok to Poland via the road less areas with a guy from Denver, CO(who is barely even mentioned in the book) is in a museum in Colby, KS now. The book about the trip (better trip than book me thinks?) is called "Lucille and the XXX Road" which is still sold on Amazon. The amazing aspect of that trip is having been done without all the supporting cast the movie guys had when the did the ride after Jim's ride. Rail lines were often the only means of getting through the roadless areas when he traveled in ~2007 or so.
    Good luck with your trip! My aspirations are to simply visit more countries I've never been in and ride some curvy pavement, no RTW ideas...
  3. Zabaluk

    Zabaluk n00b

    Sep 9, 2019
    Poland / Warsaw
    Initially, there was a plan for Mongolia, but since you go in that direction, settle formalities, visas, etc., you have to use the maximum time, so the new plan was Magadan (Far East - one of the farthest points of Russia where you can get by road).

    I can get a visa to Russia for a maximum of 3 months. And becouse I want to travel slowly and I will be so far away, it doesn't pay me to waste time (visas) to return.

    So the idea arose to go further to the USA.
    But a trip to the USA with your own motorcycle is a huge deal. So you have to use it to the maximum.

    In the USA I can stay only 6 months at one time, and at the same time winter will be chasing me. Because I have to have summer to cross Russia.

    So to run away from winter and extend the visa time I have to go to Central America, but not to waste time, a plan was made to visit the whole of Central America, because this opportunity may not be repeated.

    And when it's warm, go to Alaska, because there is also a short warm period.

    For people living in North America, a trip to Central America is like for Europeans, driving around Europe.
    And going from North America to South America is simpler than for us to Africa.
    So there is a different perspective.

    A trip on my own motorcycle can be a unique opportunity for me to visit the whole of North and Central America, and maybe even the only opportunity to go to America at all.

    That is why I want to use the maximum amount of visas and time spent in a given country to see as much as possible and get to know each culture.

    And returning from the USA to Western Europe is cheaper than returning to Russia, so RTW was created on its own :norton