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    I think it's the realization that I/we have so much while they have so little. This rang true to me during a late night conversation with a bartender, sipping Cointreau on ice, in SE Asia 30 years ago when he told me I'm a very lucky man to be able to travel to different parts of the world. My typical response was I had to sacrifice a lot to save up for these trips and his simple response was "but you're here". I was gobsmacked. It took a few moments to digest what he said and slowly realized there was no hope for him to ever escape the life he had, no opportunity, no chance in hell to experience world travel like I was doing. I simply responded "You're right, I am very lucky". I felt guilty of the opportunities that life had presented to me compared to his life... I carried that guilt for a long time and over time, it made me a better humanitarian. I've shared that experience over the years with people that truly understood... you can separate these people from the rest by ones who engage in the conversation at length, ask a multitude of questions and express an appreciation for the chance for the conversation.

    I had several encounters with oppressed people, ones who seemingly risked their lives simply by talking to me (of which I won't go into detail) and I think this plays into the conversation here (not as serious as putting their lives at risk) where Jamie has understood the opportunities he has while witnessing a country of citizens where their future is uncertain and wanting for more freedom and opportunities. It's a guilt complex that'll play out in time. This also demonstrates the compassion and sensitivity of which a person has, meaning you, JamieZ. Commendable......

    Now, about these Tinder dates..... I've nothing to add.... :dunno
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    Just a reminder....you matter!
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    Sorry to hear of your current funk. Just my two cents here : take a break. Change what you're doing for a few days (or longer, until you feel yourself again), park the bike somewhere interesting and change your routine. Hike mountain trails or spend some time surfing or enroll in a Spanish class. Build a raft and sail back to Cuba? Whatever it is, don't keep on doing what you've been doing, take a vacation from your vacation. The change should do you good. My two cents worth.

    As far as finding like minded souls interested in your travels, head to a Horizons Unlimited meeting (if they wind up happening - both US and the Canada West meetings have been postponed until later this summer, pending world events of course). Your trip is certainly worthy of your being a presenter and you'll find hundreds of interested and eager souls following your every word. Of course, after four days of that, you may feel a little bit of let down.
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    Having traveled across the whole island of Cuba and spent more time in Mexico than any other foreign country my take between the 2 was this:

    Mexican's are optimistic tommorow will be a better day.

    Cuban's tommorow is just another day...of more if the same.
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    jaw ja
    take a break

    we're still jealous

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    Really appreciate your Reports Jamie......I think you under estimate the effects they have on people.
    This quote made me laugh: "...But the next day she was like a different person. Angry at me for reasons I don’t understand."
    You are lucky it was just a Tinder date, because that sounds a lot like my marriage right now!
    For what it's worth I agree about taking a break and changing your routine.
    Keep on keeping on!!
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    Perhaps she thought she was dating Kevin Costner and discovered the truth :freaky
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    I don't understand people who aren't interested in the larger world around them, in how other people live, what they eat, what they hope for, what they dream of, etc. Doesn't mean such folks are wrong, just that I don't understand them. The good news is there are plenty of people like yourself who do want to experience and know, to go and do. Keep doing what you're doing and you'll find them.
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    Fram car filters PH6607(short) and PH7317(long) fit lots of motorcycles. Both fit my 955 Triump sprint, but the longer one is easier to remove and install. Only the short one fits my hawk gt since there's not enough room for the longer one. Many Kawasakis and Hondas have the same filter.
    The short one fits my cheap Chinese mower.
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    Friends, Family who don't want to share your experiences, it's their loss.
    You are sharing with us through your ride report, we appreciate the effort you put forth in sharing with us.
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    I felt a similar disappointment after I rode down to the Copper Canyon in MX, and after I did the Con Divide Ride. Nobody had any interest. Very disappointing! My wife finally got tired of hearing me talk about the Divide Ride, so she asked if we could do it in the Jeep? Naturally, I said yes. So we did it and now she can’t understand why no one is interested. Most of her friends just ask, “Why”?

    I think people are just so self focused, they no longer have enough time to pay attention to anyone else’s story, unless it just happens to parallel their interests.

    I think you just have to take the attitude that this adventure is just YOUR adventure. If someone else is interested, share it with them, otherwise, it’s their loss. I think it is safe to say, you have hit a sweet spot here on Adventure Rider. Please keep the faith that you have a captive audience here.
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    Would love to regale when you’re back in Denver Jamie.
    And allowing yourself to be affected by your exposure to other cultures is a good thing man. Enjoy every day.
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    It's been on my list... but not currently open, at least according to the latest Google reviews.

    I won't go to Alaska if I can't also explore Canada. I'll push it back a year or figure out something else.

    Wow, I know we were just goofing around, but great timing!
    Flawless. Any problems or failures I've had have been with gear and accessories. The Honda stuff has been rock solid.

    Fin, thanks for taking the time to put that together.
    I know you're not in Memphis anymore, but I'll be back in Memphis in a few weeks. Looking forward to some BBQ for sure!

    I'm still hoping to make a Boundary Waters trip. I went through Ely a few years ago. Duluth and Red Wing are two other favorites. I graduated from Farmington High School.

    I didn't have much (any) time to prepare, and Fin didn't have any prepared questions, at least that he told me. I have to admit for the first minute or so I was a little nervous. Fin made it easy... it was just a conversation.

    I'm not going to cruise across Canada just so I can say I went to Alaska. One of my goals is to go to Tuktoyuktuk.

    I don't think the instant gratification you see is anything new. People have always been that way. Now there are a lot more outlets, and a lot more people are getting out in the world as it becomes easier and cheaper. Same with the look-at-me personality. I think people have always been that way, but now it's a lot easier. Anyone can start a YouTube channel. Anyone can post pictures on Instagram.

    No, I don't think people today are any different than they were in your generation. Lives and priorities might be a little different, but our fundamental needs and wants in life have remained the same.

    So that said, I don't think selfishness is the reason that people aren't too interested in mine or other people's trips is simply because they have their own interesting lives. I don't blame anyone for that.

    I'm simply saying that it's been hard for me, especially on the road, since my mind is bursting with my experience in Cuba and I have nobody I can sit down with and talk about it.

    Thanks! You've probably noticed that I often post my updates late at night, so they're fresh in the morning.
    Yes, I try to remind myself of this, and I know it will. I've got some things coming up that I'm looking forward to.

    Thanks for that.

    Yeah, the border situation is something that's giving me a little stress, too. I hate to use the word stress, because I'm not stressed... but I figured things would be opening by now, and in general, they're not, and I'm starting to wonder when I can get this trip in high gear.

    As it turns out, I love beer!

    Probably some 30-letter long German word.

    I was keeping up with Dan for a long time, pretty much until I hit the road myself, and then it got a lot harder to catch up on his ride report. I'm quite a bit behind, and it's surprising (or not) how many people follow him. I have to stop them when we start talking about Dan and tell them, "No spoilers!"

    You know, it's both. I miss Cuba already. I want to go back. I want to go when there isn't a pandemic and when I can better communicate with local people.

    My Spanish is getting better, I think. But not by much. I'm picking up new words and phrases, and maybe by the end of my time in Mexico I'll be surprised at how much better my Spanish is, but I still feel lost, same as day 1.

    But I also want to talk to friends/family/others who are interested in Cuba. Before I went there, I was infinitely interested in Cuba. I have been for a very long time. I've met a few Cubans and people who have traveled to Cuba, and I always tried to ask questions about the country and people and food and music. But now that I've been there, it's just so hard to explain to someone else what it's like, especially if they're only tangentially interested.
    Hey! Welcome to the club!

    Actually, thanks for your comment.

    Thanks! I wanted to address your comment about Cuba.

    I definitely highly anticipated Cuba. I've been wanting to go there for years... But Cuba didn't let me down, even with covid. I wasn't disappointed in Cuba at all. Sure, it was hard to travel there. I wasn't quite expecting that level of difficulty in finding basic things. If I had any disappointment it's that I didn't have the level of interaction with local people as I was hoping. Part of that, of course, is due to my own personality. Covid also played a role in that.

    I'm very glad I got the chance to see Cuba. I hope I can return.
    Thanks, Ed. It's been fun so far!

    I definitely acknowledge my own fortune to have the opportunity to make such a trip reality. The unfortunate truth is that only a small percentage of people in the world have this ability.

    That fact does make some interactions difficult, like the guy who joked about me staying in Cuba, and he'll take my place on the boat back to Mexico. He was making a joke, but I think we all understood what his joke meant.

    I don't think it makes me feel guilty, nor is it part of the crud I've been feeling recently.

    A hike would be a nice break. I'm going to look into that. Surely there should be something around here.

    Take a break is a good idea...
    Funny you say that. While we were walking around San Cristobal she says, "You know who you look like?"

    I don't understand that either, but I think most people are that way. Sure, they may watch something on TV where people are living differently or eating a strange food, but I think a lot of people are perfectly comfortable in where they are and what they are doing and see no reason to go someplace different.

    Thanks. The report has been fun. I already like looking back at some of my earlier posts. I was just a baby!

    I'm going to spend a couple few days in Oaxaca and I'd like to get my report up-to-date and a few maintenance things on the bike. I'll be back in the US in a few weeks. I think that'll break up my trip quite a bit, being back in familiar territory.
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    Hey Jamie, As a former exchange student, I get it. Transformative experience, limited audience. We're all here to listen, learn, commiserate, and support.

    Keep Chugging sir!
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    I too look forward to your updates and am an avid spotwalla viewer as well. I am very envious of your trip and experiences, I cant wait to be at the point in my life where something like this is a possibility.
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    1 de mayo 2021

    Off to find cooler weather!



    The road out of Tuxtla to the west offered some great pavement, good curves, and some welcome scenery. And what do you know, the weather wasn’t too bad, either!



    Look at the funny picture of this big corn cob!


    Just when I got to the good stuff, steady rain.


    Damn rain ruining my fun!


    The rain did let up in the afternoon and I got a few sweepers in.


    I was quite surprised to see such a big truck down on the beach.


    I booked an AirBnB in Salina Cruz. I basically had an entire apartment to myself with secure parking for my bike. I found a pizza shop down the street. I asked for super-extra pepperoni.


    But when I tried to buy beer, the guy in the store told me they couldn’t sell beer on Saturday. Huh?

    The next day I followed the road up the coast.


    And a few curvy sections.


    It’s like a small city!


    Then a long boring stretch, so I stopped to document the variety of local animals.


    Sorry Fin.


    Another AirBnB in Puerto Escondido. I chose the cheapest option, and it showed. Literally four concrete walls and a bed. It did have air conditioning, and the place was directly next to the beach. I still thought it was overpriced at US$20.


    I walked into town, through the market.


    Tlayuda for dinner.

  19. Jamie Z

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    I'm slowly heading back that way... though I don't have a timeline. Maybe six weeks or so...

    Cool! I'm an Adventure Rider Radio subscriber, but I'm a couple months behind. Eventually that episode will pop up in my feed.
    I'm not sure if I've mentioned it, but I did two exchange programs when I was in college. The first to Costa Rica to study Spanish. That was my first time outside of the US/Canada and it opened my eyes. That summer changed the course of my life. I also went to Germany for about six months for some engineering classes. It was an international program with quite a few Mexican students, some of which I'm still in contact with. I hope to meet up with them sooner or later, though I haven't made any effort this time around because of covid. Hopefully on my way back through.
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    May 1st was a Mexican Holiday. Their labor day. I am guessing that is why you could not buy beer?