RTW the Jamie Z Way: Winter Hiatus in Phoenix

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    Jamie, thanks for introducing us to Neda and Gene.
    They sure seem like high quality people!
    Glad y'all got to catch up, and glad that we got to go along for the reunion.
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    Jamie’s in Pincher Creek, Alberta. Doubt if he’d want to backtrack. I think his plan is to cross into the US via the Montana crossing soon.
    Good info for when he returns next year to complete unfinished business!
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    Ya for Gene (punmiester) and Neda (crocheter) nice folks l met a few years ago!
    Neda's got a blinged out matt gold 1250, follow their thread!!!

    Shoulda got the PanAm....Haha
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    CA dez (it's a dry heat)/West Yellowstone,MT
    Smart move heading down in altitude from the mountains to the plains. West Yellowstone (in the mountains for those that don't know) snowed last night and never made it to 50 degrees today. But the temperature is predicted to be on an upward trend for the next several days.
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    Au contraire! Pincher is higher in elevation and significantly cooler than Kelowna. West of the divide is warmer than the northern plains. I suspect Jamie has chosen scenery over comfort. Although, the temps are forecast to rise significantly staring Tuesday.
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    It’s only September, Jamie started his adventure when he left Colorado, in December.

    He’s hardcore. He’ll be just fine.
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    September 18, 2021

    From winter to warm and Bolen.



    Because I arrived after dark last night, I had a chance to look around more today.


    Nelson is a cool looking town, reminding me of the former mining towns in the Colorado mountains. This morning it rained, but when I packed up and went to my bike, the rain had stopped. Nonetheless I put on my rain gear.


    I headed south back toward highway 3. My rain gear came in handy already.


    I stopped briefly in the town of Salmo, which appears similar to Nelson; another mountain mining town.


    I looped through the residential streets and found this setup.


    Though it was quite cold and wet today, it somehow felt much warmer than yesterday. I suppose the lack of wind was the biggest reason.


    As I started uphill, I fully expected to encounter snow somewhere along the way.


    The light rain came and went. And when I got to the top, a steady drizzle came down. Here it was just a few degrees above freezing.


    My Kurviger route sent me off highway 3 and onto a side road.


    And then a side side road.


    Here I checked for potential places to stop tonight and I messaged and emailed a couple of folks on the Tent Space List. Both replied within minutes and I made arrangements to stay with AlbertaBob in Pincher Creek. Thanks also to Mapaddict who offered a place to stay.

    The gravel was rocky and bumpy in addition to being wet, though there was no mud.


    I turned off onto a side side side road and found a fantastic place to camp.



    But it was still early in the day. I simply noted the location; I plan to add it to iOverlander.

    Continuing down the gravel road, I found yet another excellent campsite along what I think is Teepee Creek.


    On my way down from this side side road, the weather cleared up and the road was dry.


    Again, I took a side loop, just a little more than a two-track.


    And then this.


    Of course this is no problem on a bike.

    I kept going east and stopped for a photo when I discovered that one of my rear auxiliary brake lights has a few LEDs out.


    Daily life on the road isn’t always glamorous. I have to do laundry now and then. Things break and I have to deal with that the best way I can. Sometimes the gear I researched so much doesn’t live up to my expectations and I have to figure out a solution and ask for suggestions. Not to mention dealing with covid restrictions, closed borders, and limited services making a trip like this more complicated and even more lonely. But I want to talk about that stuff because that’s what it’s like out here. Like it or not, the Jamie Z way is telling it like it is, and not just pretty pictures.

    Hopefully the website where I purchased that light will replace it… I should probably carry a spare or two also.

    I told AlbertaBob that I’d be at his place around 7, and I was behind schedule, but I still had to stop for this, what was described as the biggest truck in the world.


    And another great picture from the road.


    Finally I made it into Alberta. I’m not sure why, but it felt like I was riding toward Alberta for days.


    Robert greeted me outside when I pulled up to his house. He had some homemade lasagna that he warmed up for me, and then zucchini bread right out of the oven.


    Oh wow… hard to beat fresh made bread.

    But even better than that was my accommodations, a Boler trailer parked beside his shop. His Tent Space post mentions this “Boler trailer,” but I had no idea what that was.


    What a comfy place! And best yet, he had a space heater inside which warmed it up nice and toasty.

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    Apr 9, 2012
    You go from an expensive hostel with no heat to a toasty warm and free Boler. Things are looking up.

    Nelson might have seemed familiar? It was the set for "Roxanne" ( Steve Martin and Darryl Hannah)

    Curious as to what was so secret as to drive somebody to block off a road with those lockblocks?
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    I've been to Nelson a few times, it's a cool town. There's a snow cat skiing place up the hill from there called Baldface that I've been to.
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    Jamie: Thanks for keeping this real. Once, while a few weeks into a trip, I was feeling a bit lonely & isolated, after riding most of the day in a steady Idaho drizzle, I found & set-up camp in the rain. Then I thought, "I could be sitting in my recliner searching the cable & internet for something to watch" next thought: NOT!

    --> I Realized that getting out of my comfort zone was the key to my enjoyment. (& adventure)

    Thanks Jamie, for showing us the way.

    Mike B
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    When you get a chance can you desribe what rain gear you are using, how it is working out and if not what alternative you might use. I am thinking hard about a Canadian/Alaska trip next year. Thanks for the consideration and enjoying the thread tremendously.
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    Since you share the same name as the Big Orange Bridge , perhaps you could have informed Jamie that crossing the BOB was the absolute best way out of town for anyone riding a motorcycle
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    September 19, 2021

    A welcome Alberta rest day.


    Robert had offered a late breakfast today. He’s an avid hunter and fisherman and said he’d cook up some venison for brunch.


    And to add to the collection of unusual pets my hosts keep, Robert and his wife keep a couple of tarantulas.


    Though it was still a bit chilly, Robert led me on a local loop in the afternoon.


    And he picked a great route.


    The mountains were incredible.


    It was a cool day. Robert stopped midway to put on his heated gear. We rode back on the highway and got a picture to commemorate our ride when we got back.


    For dinner, roast venison which had been in the crock pot all day. It smelled and tasted delicious.


    We stayed up late talking; Robert told me about his time in Australia and New Zealand. He encouraged me to backtrack and ride the Icefields Parkway. The weather was looking a bit better in the next few days. And he showed me his wood-burning camp stove. That might be the solution I’m looking for. It was a compact kit. I’m going to do some more research.
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    Oh my gosh, I remember that day. Didn't we all meet up because your bike wouldn't start? :lol3
    Great sign! I don't think I've ever seen one like that.
    It was good to catch up with them, though I realized that I knew a lot more about them than they knew about me. I've read their ride report twice and followed along on all their adventures. Though we've spoken a handful of times through the years through texts, to them, I was just one of many, many random strangers they met on the road. So it was good to have some time to get to know them and hear about their experiences during and after their trip.
    Agree 100%

    I'm almost to 50, and I can say dating now is the same for me as it was at 30. I'm still terrible. I'd love to have a anonymous survey after all my first dates to see why none of them want to go out with me again. :D

    Um, thanks. I guess.

    It's wonderful how welcoming people are when you're not an asshole.
    Actually it wasn't too bad. I had a week or so of cold, wet weather, but it never got unbearably cold, and the rain was always just an annoying mist.
    I had to go double-check. It sure didn't feel like four days.

    I sure liked having the intercom and the rolling commentary as we rode. "On your left you'll notice all the apple orchards."

    That is a great video. Thanks for taking the time to put that together.

    ...and thanks again to both of you for hosting me. Seeing you guys was a trip highlight for me. Sorry the border is still closed.

    I like the tires a lot, but curiously I find them quite squirrely off pavement. Their grip on both wet and dry on pavement is phenomenal, but off pavement, they feel quite slippery to me. I wouldn't expect that, as these are the most aggressive tires I've ever used.

    Heh. My tolerance for cold and wet (or hot and humid) is not as great as you might think.

    What show, now? I'm not that old!

    No idea why those barriers were there. The other end of that loop was open. Glad I was on a bike and easily skirted the barriers. If I were in a truck, I would have had to backtrack quite a ways.

    My rain gear is nothing special. It came with my Olympia jacket and pants. They're just plain old PVC plastic or somesuch. No special liners or membranes.

    They work... but I still get a wet crotch if the rain lasts a while. Eventually I'll replace the rain gear, though I don't know with what.
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    jaw ja
    Oh my gosh, I remember that day. Didn't we all meet up because your bike wouldn't start? :lol3

    close my drive shaft bolts had broke

    i put a message on the memphis dinner thread walked to beale street

    and the calvary came

    again many thanks to you, @malibu_dan & crew
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    Wow, you have been treated to some damn nice meals, that venison for brunch and dinner looked so mouth-watering and now I'm starving, I need to go find something to eat. :D

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    Don’t you mean “shoot something to eat”?
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  18. Jamie Z

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    September 20, 2021

    To be continued...



    I slept in late, enjoying the cozy accommodations. Both Robert and Sharon had to leave for work early. I checked the weather in Jasper and Banff in one last thought that I might head up that way. It wasn’t looking great. Rain forecast for the afternoon and tomorrow. Coincidently canuckrider had just ridden the Icefields Parkway the day before and I messaged him. He said it was a great ride, but cold.

    When I got up I showered, packed up, and left a thank you note on the dining room table.

    On the way out of town I stopped to see Robert at his work as a butcher. While in the store I loaded up on foodstuffs for the coming days, as I frequently find myself in the evening without any dinner and not having much food with me.

    It was a gorgeous windy day, with the wind coming out of the west, which is good since I was traveling east, but each time the road turned south, I felt the cold air go up under my riding jacket and get inside my helmet.



    I kept seeing abandoned buildings and it took a lot of self control not to stop at every single one to see what’s inside.


    And then I saw this place and had to stop.


    This is Del Bonita, which I found a curious name for southern Alberta. I bought some Oreos inside, though I really didn’t need anything.


    And then I turned south. The US border was just a few kilometers. I wasn’t sure if I was ready to leave Canada, but I had no other destinations here and plans to return.

    The point of no return.


    As I approached. Jesus, are those gates?


    I don't think they're gates. They're some sort of giant X-ray machine.

    It was, perhaps, the easiest crossing into the US I’ve ever had. The officer asked me for my passport and requested that I remove my helmet. She asked if I was carrying any alcohol or tobacco. I told her I had two bottles of beer. She asked if I’d purchased any goods in Canada, to which I said no, and then she asked, “Any stickers?”


    I admitted that I bought a couple of stickers in Canada. I forgot to tell her about the bear spray I bought on Vancouver Island, which I think might not be legal.

    The officer wasn’t wearing a mask, and she asked no questions about covid.

    After she handed me back my passport, she let her guard down. I asked her about the current US border restrictions. She told me that they had not been told anything, and she wished they would just open the border. As we know now, the US did not do so… and I don’t understand why not. Canada is far ahead of the US in vaccination rate.

    And then I rolled into Montana.

    Crossing back into the US felt anticlimactic. I wanted to stay in Canada longer, see more things, but the weather was turning.

    So… it seems a good time to press the pause button. Owing mainly to covid restrictions which I couldn’t imagine would still be in place, I’ll be taking a few months off from this ride. In the spring I’ll be back on two wheels to accomplish what I set out to do, Round the World the Jamie Z Way.

    I’ll have an update in a week or so. I’ll respond to trip-related comments and questions in this thread, but this won’t turn into a non-riding blog.

    See you on the road in a few months.
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    Del Bonita seems an odd place to stop for a couple of months.:lol3
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