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  1. hey, not sure if this is the right forum to be on.. but as i already use it i guessed it would be okay...

    i have just picked up a yamaha rxs100 for £200! it needs some body work touching up and one of the carbs need cleaning. just a general clean up.

    but the exhaust is bent and has a crack from the previous owner backing his car up into it -.-

    does anybody know where i can get a good sounding aftermarket exhaust for this bike?

    also with exhausts, does any exhaust fit anybike? or do you have to find special ones made for the bike?

    for example i only see the reverse cones on triumph scramblers.

    thanks for your help
  2. joexr

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    Jan 4, 2011
    That's a 2-stroke. You're going to need either a stock pipe or someone may make an expansion-chamber for it. 2-strokes are finicky about exhausts. If nothing else , it could probably be welded.
  3. how hard is it to make an expansion chamber?

  4. joexr

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    Jan 4, 2011
    You would need pretty accurate dimensions for any improvement. You might be able to make one for something else fit. Another 100cc single or 1 pipe off of a 200 twin.
  5. that why i dont want to try myself... it would be too accurate for me. do you know of any bikes that have an exhaust i could use?
  6. stainlesscycle

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    harder than you think.....

    best is repair or replace.....with the proper one - can't mix and match 2 stroke exhausts much, although joexr is right, a 100cc pipe from something else might be close enough - but a pipe designed specifically for that engine will be much better...... the reverse cone silencer you mention is a 4 stroke muffler - you need to stick with 2 stroke stuff if you want it to run right...

    p.s. it's never gonna sound like a triumph scrambler :D
  7. oh no, i know that its just for scrambler... i meant i dont see the reverse cones on any other bike :) my dad has this, his bike only has been basically everywhere and still runs like a dream :) wish i was liucky enough to have that bike