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Sabula Iowa track

Discussion in 'GPS Tracks - Central, Texas & Gulf States' started by Gerken, Jan 15, 2013.

  1. Gerken

    Gerken If you think adventures are dangerous, try routine Supporter

    Jun 11, 2007
    Sterling Illinois
    Iowa. Turns out it’s not just all silo’s and cornfields. Here is a track derived from a few of my favorite back roads utilized by Chad’s TWAT and Great River Gravel Ride routes as well as some of Craig’s Jackson County IA ride. This is best suited for bigger bikes as I substituted sporty pavement in many spots in an attempt to time and distance manage the track into a weekend. There are many gravel roads though and when you ride a motorcycle in Jackson County a Level B road excursion is required. That’s a State law man; right next to one that say’s when they sell you a gallon can of paint they have to give you a wooden stir stick. I swear, look it up. The main track was laid out counterclockwise, starts/ends in Sabula IA and is 365 miles in length. Because the Cassville Ferry is utilized I have included an Illinois option to stay on the East side of the Mississippi River if the ferry is not operating. Always check the schedule before you make the trip as river conditions change. http://www.cassville.org/rates%20and%20schedule.htm All motorcycles like a boat ride. The Illinois/Wisconsin option makes a quick pavement run to Cassville to allow time for a Potosi Brewing Co. tour and sampling. Just a suggestion, not advocating a blend of alcohol consumption and motorcycle operation mind you. There are numerous camp and lodging opportunities along the way. Ferryville WI is a nice midpoint with two mom and pop hotels or camping along the river in the city’s park. The views at the Lansing overlook, Pikes Peak State Park and the Saint Donatus Churches are on my list of must see treasures. Savanna IL has camp/lodging options if you need to arrive the night before and the trip over the steel grated Savanna/Sabula Bridge is always a treat on a dew heavy morning. Sorry, no pictures yet as I am usually trying to squeeze this in a day run from my place. I will include a link from another server but give the file attachment download a try, it just may work. This is just my twisted idea of fun; I’m sure you can improve upon it and please, as always, ride safely.
    Here is a file link from another source

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  2. bomber60015

    bomber60015 Hold fucking fast Supporter

    Sep 11, 2008
    anotherr gem, I'm certain . . . . . . . .

    spring training starts in three week, which means we should be comfortably riding in 5!