San Diego, Big Sur and Carrizo Plains in 5 days

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    Oct 6, 2014
    I'm looking for route and camping recommendations.

    Rough plan:
    Leave San Diego on 11/21
    Places we would like see over Big Sur to Monterey and Carizzo Plains.
    Return on 11/25

    Thank you.
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    Nov 8, 2018
    So Cal
    Have you traveled much in So Cal? I'd take Hwy 8 to Mt Laguna (S1/Sunrise Highway) to Julian to the 15 via 78 then up to Angeles Crest Highway (out and back) then go back to the 101 North up to Ventura, take the 33 North - one of the best roads in CA, will get you to the Plains. Then 166 out to Santa Maria then up the 101/1 until you get to San Luis Obispo then on to Morro, Big Sur and Monterey. Should be an epic ride. There are lots of good rides in between if you want to focus on an area but these are some of the best.
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    Sep 11, 2007
    Sounds like a fun trip! There's a great campground right off Highway 1 in Big Sur that you should have no trouble getting a site in. Check out Big Sur Campgrounds & Cabins.

    I also highly recommend camping at the KCL Campground in Carrizo Plain National Monument. I've attached a couple images below of our campsite there in February of this year. It's free with no facilities, but a fantastic place to visit.

    I also recommend riding Nacimiento Ferguson road from the Jolon / Lake Nacimiento area down to the coast, especially if you've never ridden it before. Cutting across the coastal mountain range is fantastic and the views as you descend to the coast are stunning. LINK.

    If you go up as far as Monterey or Carmel By The Sea, a really interesting way to come back is on the "G" roads rather than back on Highway 1 or 101. I got tired of following motorhomes on Highway 1 and was looking for an interesting way that would be more interesting than highway 101. G16 (aka E. Carmel Valley Rd) from Carmel Valley southward weaves its way through gorgeous and little-travelled back country. LINK. G14 (aka Jolon Road) is another nice one to get you off the main highways.

    If you're heading to Carrizo Plain after that, Highway 58 from the SLO is a fantastic and curvy road. If you're looking for a way south bypassing LA, I recommend Hudson Ranch Road to the mountain community of Pine Mountain Club, which meanders through the mountains with some awesome views of the desert below. You can then cut across to I-15 through the high desert. Taking highway 138 is easy, but boring. Here's a more interesting way to get back as far as Temecula on I-15 bypassing LA (weather permitting). LINK

    Have a great trip!



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