San Diego KLR tech day Oct 1

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    It's been posted on several other forums, but we may have missed someone. We'll be having another KLR tech day in Julian, Oct 1. You can find out more - look in the general info section. Focus is helping an owner learn how to maintain and upgrade the bike, as well as meet other riders. We've had anywhere from 12 to 40 show up any given day. All riders are welcome, you don't have to ride a KLR. We usually have coffee and donuts early, looks like we'll be grilling bratwurst and hot dogs for lunch. Some people usually break away for a ride in the afternoon, while people that need extensive work done are staying and finishing. We often have some of the famous Julian apple pie after cleanup.

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    Feel free to post your message on the San Diego Adventure Riders Forums also........

    Would like to see some KLR guys posting there also to help get the San Diego based website more active.