San Francisco to Alaska (Prudhoe Bay?)

Discussion in 'Alaska' started by ggemelos, Dec 2, 2004.

  1. ggemelos

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    Sep 8, 2004
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    My brother and I are planning a trip this summer to Alaska. Our initial idea for a final destination is to take Daltan Highway to Prudhoe Bay (I was told it is possible to get permission to drive the final 7 miles of private roads to get to the bay.) We are thinking of going sometime between May and early July. Is anyone else planning a similar trip, it would be nice to meet up with some people along the way? Also is there any advice from people who have taken this route before? By the way we will both be on big GSes.
  2. RDJEff

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    Sep 15, 2004
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    Good luck getting the permission, I understand it isn't easy to get. Make sure you have good tires before you leave Fairbanks, and make sure you carry some extra gas, there are some pretty gasless stretches. The last weeks of May can be very nice, sometimes hot, but farther north it can still be a tad wintry. I live in Fairbanks, so look me up on your way through, and I'll help out if I can.
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    Sep 30, 2003
    May is too early. Wait til at least June 1st to start up the highway. Check in on the Dust to Dawson thread, there is a run to Dawson City around Solstice every year, about 30 local dualsporters would like to have company. Do the Cassier at least one way if possible depending on which route you are taking. Lots of things to see here. Bring wet and cold weather gear. Stop in at Alaska Leather in Anchorage. If you hit the seach feature, there are some great Prudhoe ride reports. Barb
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    I'm going back to Alaska this summer. I went in 03 on my R1200C, this time I'll be riding the GS. Read my thread about 2005 trip planning.

    deepcdiver is also going that way this summer. Read his thread.

    I've got a feeling that you should be able to find a bunch of adventure riders going near the same time. The issue seems to be how flexible any/all of us are with our personal timelines. I'd like to think I would bend my dates in order to ride with a few others. I'll have my first draft timeline in a few weeks. Right now, best guess says I'll be in Fairbanks ready to head north between June 20 and 28. Larry
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    If possible try to hit Dawson on June 16 and 17.
    As Barb has mentioned thats the dates the annual Dust to Dawson ride will be in town. D2D is an annual ride from Anchorage to Dawson and return.
    The ride gets bigger each year. Visit such tourist destinations as Chicken Alaska and Eagle Alaska along the way.

    I've done some time time on a DR650......Listen to Barb and get the Vstrom.
    Or a KLR. Both much better than the DR IMHO.