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  1. GoatKiller

    GoatKiller Mister Sarcasm!

    Jul 14, 2014
    Hancock, New Hampshire
    Hey guys.

    Looking for some good locals info.
    My son who is just graduating high school was accepted to participate in the Americorps City year program.
    He will be volunteering for the next year in the schools, looks to probably be in the elementary schools on the east side of town.
    We really don’t have any connections out there, and are trying to sort out a housing situation for him.
    I found some off campus apartments near SJSU downtown. Specifically:

    LookIng for some feedback on that downtown area.
    Realities of commuting between there and elementary schools.
    GPS is telling me between 15 and 25 minutes via bike.
    They will also be providing him with a bus pass.
    They provide a stipend, but it works out to be about $1800 a month to survive.
    So you’re local beta would be very helpful!
    We will move him out there in the middle of July.
    Moving from rural New Hampshire.
  2. nrvale0

    nrvale0 Been here awhile

    Nov 10, 2010
    Northern California
    I can't say much as to the housing situation in San Jose as I've not lived there recently though I have lived all over the Bay Area. 15-25 minutes by car, COVID traffic aside -- let's assume this will blow over soon, is going to be a very short run by mileage. > 5 < 10 miles most likely.

    This is a motorcycle board so let me tell you the secret to living in the Bay Area and not being miserable -- dump the cage and ride. Street parking is a lot easier to deal with, renting inside parking is a lot easier to deal with, traffic is a LOT easier to deal with, and San Jose is within striking distance of killer roads. Lots of bike culture here too. Oh, and let's not forget the lane splitting. Downsides? The most distracted and stupid drivers I've seen having ridden in many countries. Yes, some places are more chaotic (southern Italy) but people are paying a lot more attention. Constantly having to watch out for "laborers" who don't strap down the load in their shitty old pickup. Also, lots of bike theft though most of that is up around SF and Oakland. (Unless its a KTM or a Daytona in which case it'll get stolen regardless. ;))

    Its your boy so I dunno...share the moto tip with him or not? As a father I'd be torn. A lot depends on how aware he is as a rider and he's likely going to have a BIG adjustment from rural NH.

    BTW, the Tiger 800 sitting right next to me right now as I finish up new chain and sprockets was purchased in Nashua. He says "Hey!"
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  3. GoatKiller

    GoatKiller Mister Sarcasm!

    Jul 14, 2014
    Hancock, New Hampshire
    Hey, right back a the Tiger!
    Thanks for the feedback.
    Going to have him out there without an engine.
    Peddle power and public transit only.
    I thought about putting him on a scooter. Here you don’t need a license for one, out there it seems you need to be licensed on one.
    So, probably not going to happen.
    Maybe an upgrade to an e-bike!!
  4. dravnx

    dravnx Been here awhile

    Dec 19, 2012
    santa rosa, ca
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