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Savana Jacket Questions

Discussion in 'Equipment' started by bcum1, Oct 9, 2002.

  1. bcum1

    bcum1 beemerfixer

    May 19, 2002
    I'm looking to buy a Savana jacket, I might have a good deal on a used one to purchase ,does any body have one and would like to elaborate on the pros & cons about it.
    I know it is overpriced BMW shit but I really like the look & know that they sell pretty quality apparel.
    Is it good in the cool weather ? hot weather ? the liner really keep you dry ? How long do they last , etc.

    Cept for the spyworld size really does matter.

    LKYPHL Been here awhile

    Jun 10, 2002
    Melbourne, Oz
    G'day J. I've used a Savannah jacket for about 50k kms. It has a couple of problem areas; only one pocket on the front is waterproof, and the zips down the inner front of the arms are great for letting in air to cool you down, but there's nowhere for the air to exit, so the jacket blows up and chokes your neck (solved by having zips added below the shoulder blades). Whilst it gets filthy (it's the yellow version) it washes extremely well, coming up looking like new. I don't particularly like the pocket zips (the dinky little handles seem to twist and make the zips hard to work until you untwist 'em), but the velcro sleeve tabs work great. The collar had a sharp corner on the stitching for 30k kms until my throat wore it off a bit, the zip-in liner keeps ALL rain out, it's not too hot in summer, but not overly warm in winter either. The drawstring around the bottom does the job and the colour stands out for miles, especially in murky weather. I would'nt buy another - they're WAY overpriced (in Australia).
  3. Gandalf

    Gandalf Wizard Wheels

    Oct 3, 2002
    Somewhere over the Atlantic
    I have had a Savannah suit for 2 years, liked it so much I bought a Savannah 2 suit and a Rallye suit.
    The savannah is a fantastic Spring/Fall suit. It is too hot for summer humidity (I wear the Rallye) despite the airflow zips. The Savannah 2 is better (arm ventilation, chest, back, thighs). With the zip in/out Goretex liner the suit is 100% waterproof - I've ridden through river crossings with no problems. But in winter it can be cold around the zip ventilation areas. The goretex inners makes it useable in cool Fall evening temperatures down to 50F with just a t-shirt underneath but if you want to ride in winter make sure the suit is big enough to wear thermals underneath.
    The best thing about BMW clothing is the sizing - the stuff actually fits properly! The Savannah cleans up real well with a wash in the machine with some Nikwax detergent for waterproof garments and comes out with a sheen like new. I've taken two spills in the Savannah and apart from some slight pilling of the fabric there were no tears or holes. The standard shoulder, elbow and knee armour is good but use a decent after-market back protector and don't bother with BMW hip protectors (make your own).
    In the UK the full Savannah 2 suit is is an astronomical $750 without goretex inners (an extra $330), but the savannah suit was being sold off in clear-out sales for as little as $150 this summer. You can still pick up some suits for about $450.
    I'd recommend it. Only Aerostitch come close to non-leather stuff that's comparable.

    I just noticed you're from Florida . . . even in your winter the Savannah will be hot (but bearable). My comments above are assuming a typical New York, New Jersey, Virgina, Pennslvania, Ohio climate type thing!