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    i received the following email and thought it should make it here. this is the email with my comments and the original email:

    this is just the beginning...if carlsbad skatepark goes, any other will be fair game. because it's so cal, it doesn't mean it will not affect you later.
    please log on to the website and write a letter.

    Eric fwd it to Sarah too.
    Clint, pass it on to the west coast riders.
    thanks, me

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    From: Michael - Gravity Skateboards []
    Sent: Monday, September 20, 2004 8:53
    To: Michael Bream
    Subject: Save the Carlsbad Skatepark and Raceway.....

    Howdy all,
    It's not often that I get up on my political soap box, but I feel that this is such an important issue facing our local community. This has to do with saving the oldest skatepark in the United States (and probably the world) and providing a safe location for Skateboarders, Motorcyclists, and Drag Racers in North San Diego County. According to USA Today, skateboarding is the number one youth activity in the US, so to me, this is as important as Wrigley Field, or any other historically significant landmark. Please, please (yes, I'm begging) visit the website below for the full story, then PLEASE take the time to go to the "e-campaign" button on the left and WRITE LETTERS.... even donate if you can (Gravity has) Time is of the essence on this one, so please act now. If you'd like more info, or would like to talk to me about the significance of this, please email me.

    Thanks for your time.
    Michael Bream

    Go Here Now:

    PS - Please email this link to all of your friends who skateboard, ride moto, drag, offroad, or those who just care about local community. Treat this like a chain letter!
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    I'm a Carlsbad resident and I thought this deal was done already (closing the raceway and bulldozing for homes). I'll check into this some more but if there is a chance, let's go for it.

    I like the multiuse theme for the park. Carlsbad is planning another beautiful multiuse park for swimming, ball sports, etc. less than a mile away along with other similar parks so perhaps there is some momentum here with open space and parks balancing the incredible amount of homes being built.
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    I heard that developers had snagged the raceway years ago. I re-read about it being a done deal in a recent cycle mag. I don't think there is any saving it. Land is simply worth too much in the area. Sucks though. Big time.