Schuberth C3 Pro SRC issue

Discussion in 'Equipment' started by wonderings, Jul 3, 2017.

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    Jan 26, 2007
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    I had my C3 Pro replaced last year under warranty, they gave me a new helmet with a new SRC system in place. Has worked perfectly till last week when I started noticing something weird. I would turn the helmet on as normal, it would auto connect to my Nav V. It would then disconnect a minute later while riding. I would hold the mobile button to turn it on again, it would beep and connect and work. I thought nothing of it because it always worked even though it was a big annoying. Now since Saturday it connects, then disconnects and I cannot power it on again till I plug it into a PC. It is fully charged, I checked that.

    I unpaired the SRC from the Nav V and tried again, exact same thing. This only happens with my SRC, I have a Nexx XD1 with their comm system and it works perfectly, everytime, no glitches or issues.

    I tried restoring software through the schuberth app but says it cannot be programmed, whatever that means. Anyone have this issue before or have an idea on how to fix it? I leave Friday on a 7000+ km trip. It is fully up to date, as well as the Nav V up to date.
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    Jul 6, 2016
    I’m using my TFT (2019 R1250GSA) with an iPhone 7 and my Schubert C3 SRCS. When I first got the bike there were no problem with the connection, but in a while now I’ve had problem with that the sound is cutting. Sometimes I can listen to music for several minutes up to one hour, but sometimes the sound cuts several times every minutes,

    The “sounds of silence” can stay for a second or a couple of seconds each time. Each time, the helmet symbol is still visible in the TFT. I can see at the display that the track time is still ticking forward, so it is not that it pauses.

    This little problem is annoying when listening to music, but even worse when listening t9 a podcast.

    Several times I’ve tried to reconnect phone and helmet, but with the same results. Sometimes I believe that the problem is not so common in slower speeds, but overall it seems quite random.

    When listening to radio, in my SRSC-system I will not having this problem with the sound cutting.

    Anyone have an idea of what the problem might be? Maybe this is a good reason for me to buy an new intercom...