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Discussion in 'Americas' started by mbassani, May 11, 2021.

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    Hey Inmates,

    I'm about to head out on a fairly long pre-summer rally in the lower half of the US.
    I just picked up a Garmin InReach Explorer+ for basic communication to loved ones while off the grid and to call S&R if the need arises.

    In the event I have to call S&R for either myself or someone else while we're way out there what is the best way to get the bike out of there? I have $100K of insurance for S&R costs if need be as well.

    Assuming I'm solo and break my leg, I have a GS Adventure. Would S&R transport the bike for me or just leave it there?

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    As far as I know state or county search and rescue teams have no obligation to recover your vehicle. Depending on where you vehicle is, a simple towing service will do the job. If you are out on a 4x4 road or single track trail, that is a whole different kettle of fish.
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    In some areas 4x4 recovery services are common. In UT, a deep backcountry extraction of a 4x4 can be >$2k. I don't know how much of a break you would get on this for a motorcycle, since they may deploy the same equipment, but at least you get your bike back. If you are in areas inaccessible to full-size 4x4's, different story entirely. Been there done that. Not cheap or fun. Good story now though. :lol3
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    HELL..... lets hear the Story................
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    I live in Denver ride all over the West on my ktm 450 dual sport and F800gs

    As you will be on a GS, most riders skill set limit them to county dirt roads and easy Jeep trails. This means that your bike will never be very hard to get to by truck for a recovery.

    If a recovery is needed ,. Post here good chance there will be a fellow inmate nearby that will be able to help.

    Also local Jeep club often do recovery for free just cause it's fun for them !

    Good luck



    Riding Solo in Baja last March on my KTM 450 my bike became disabled close to 90-100 miles from the nearest town on a remote dirt road

    When I ran out of water the Mexican SAR services helped me out, but I had to leave my bike.

    Took me 2 days and $150 to find a local with a pickup truck to recover my bike

    I was lucky, The Mexican SAR system sent a Mexican Navy Blackhawk SAR helicopter to pick me up, at no charge ! ! ! Super nice crew, had the rescue swimmer and hoist system ... Super cool flight

    Finding my driver only took me a day, and we went to recover my bike the next day.

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    I just recently got the Inreach Mini. Is the SAR insurance really worth it. I did some reading and for the most part and within reason most states don’t charge for recovery as long as you don’t go completely off track and break your leg. If you’re on legal trails and roads you’re usually good.
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    I have an Explorer plus, have used SOS button, several times. As long as you tell them ASAP no injury, just need a tow, gas, help lifting. (In USA) They will take your credit card number, to give to a tow service, along with your GPS coordinates. Once when I called SAR /SOS for a lost hang glider, I was asked to get his name, age, address from his friend on scene. To charge him.

    Mike B
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