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seat concepts order

Discussion in 'Canada' started by nocity4me, Mar 31, 2020.

  1. nocity4me

    nocity4me n00b Supporter

    Dec 24, 2018
    My new seat foam and cover just arrived from mx1 canada in richmond bc. to my central Sask home
    It took just a few days more than the 2-3 weeks they claimed,given my 2001 gs is just a wee bit aged and so the seat kit is not a regularly stocked item.
    After ordering online, a sales rep. phoned to make sure I knew what I was buying and ended up selling me the pillion seat cover-all for at least $30 less than front seat cover and foam only, from Seat Concepts in Idaho
    My original order from Idaho got cancelled when they informed me shipping was $100 US .
    Both vendors appear to be high quality suppliers and I won't hesitate to deal with them again
    I'll describe later how the seat assembly goes and whether the comfort level is ok , but right now I'm looking at a low of -18 c overnight and a bunch of -5, to -10 highs
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  2. Vikingtazz

    Vikingtazz Will ride for food.

    Aug 15, 2010
    Prescott Ontario, Canada
    MX1 has been solid to deal with, and it's hard to beat Seat Concepts products.
    You can buy the double-take mirrors from MX1 as well, Giant Loop products, Mitas tires...lots of good stuff.
    I'll be giving them a call when Seat Concepts releases their product for the new Yamaha T7.
  3. CCitis

    CCitis Long timer

    Jan 13, 2013
    Beautiful BC
    I just received a Seat Concepts seat kit for my 02 1150 GS (Ordered directly from Seat Concepts). Haven't gotten around to installing it yet... seems like good quality. I am trying to sort the best way to install the cover... what staples, pressure on the gun, etc. Ordered some 3M adhesive that they recommend.
  4. 250senuf

    250senuf Long timer

    Feb 17, 2008
    Nelson area, Kootenai, BC, Canada
    Stainless steel staples are what I used. Got them from Home Hardware, had to be ordered.
  5. devildogg

    devildogg Long timer

    Jun 1, 2006
    MC nirvana Kootenay's BC
    I have Seat concepts on both my 501 and 1090, install is easy. I have used them on several bikes and done the installs myself, I usually warm up the cover before I install them, have used 3m spray adhesive and haven't doesn't seem to make much IMG_20200323_155718.jpg difference
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