Seat height, suspension travel, and shorter riders

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    Yessireybob e.t.. I finally realized that I cannot buy a bike that works for my needs AND that fits me properly because it doesn't exist! Therefore, I've accepted that any bike I buy must include a budget for mods that make that specific bike most rideable for me. (And this is doable, but it costs some.) I feel REALLY STOOPID that it took me so long to figure this out! But once i did, the "aah" moment was indeed unmistakable. I've done this on a few bikes now and I "have a list..." so the effort doesnt take so much time, just some cash. Wouldn't not do it this way ever again!

    I have gotten very good at farkle justification. i.e.:
    "The $400 Scott steering stabilizer is cheaper than a visit to the emergency room"; or
    "If the $800 suspension lowering/tuning work saves just one twisted ankle, it's $ well spent";
    "The $250 Madstadt windscreen amortizes to $0.013 per mile over the first 15K miles";
    "More light is ALWAYS safer";
    Ride safe; Ride comfy; Have fun!
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    Rebel did well, Nighthawk 250 was a dismal failure in the states. It was a decent bike and did well in other markets.