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SEAT - South East Adventure Trail

Discussion in 'GPS Tracks - Northeast, Southeast & Florida' started by NorthernTraveler, May 10, 2017.

  1. Brando K

    Brando K n00b

    Aug 11, 2020
    Completed tracks 9,10,11 (Jax-Dillard) in a day and a half. I had the following road closers with the last one being a private gate which I doubt will be removed and will need a permanent reroute.

    N33’47.5723” W082’08.3466”

    N34 35.8942 W083 16.2129

    N34 41.4653 W083 15.9222 (Gate) - Just north of this closure is Little Longhose Rd, which is a fire road and makes a great connector back to the track.

    My thoughts on the track from Jacksonville FL to Dillard - Overall really awesome considering the work that went into creating this. I really enjoyed it starting a Vogtle Power Plant and North. The dirt tracks between Augusta and McCormick were also amazing and then of course everything from Taccoa to Dillard was absolutely a blast. I highly recommend hitting all of Warmwoman Rd to Pine Mountain since you’re on it anyway, an AMAZING twisty road and great fun on my 790R. One downside to the entire track is all the little dirt connectors (some less than a half mile) that seem to go right through people’s front yards, it ends up just being slow and I’m over cautious when riding that close to houses anyway. I guess it’s the nature of the route but I think some of them could be eliminated.
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  2. Orthodoc

    Orthodoc Cowboy Supporter

    Feb 6, 2019
    I am riding @NorthernTraveler ’s Southern Route:

    I see weather is coming in the next few days. Really don’t have the liberty to put off the end of the ride. Does anyone have advice re the northern section of the route? Passability? Trail conditions?

    I know it’s a couple days off, and what the weather will do is anyone’s guess. I’m ok with getting wet. Just want to set through...

  3. CloudSplitter

    CloudSplitter Putterer

    Apr 6, 2014
    Northern West Virginia
    Orthodoc, I rode most of that last spring, and am sure you won't have any trouble with it (rode the section between the northern and southern loops a couple years earlier). It's a really nice ride, and the best part of the SEAT. Any blowdowns, or other obstructions should be cleared quickly, unless Sally is still causing too much trouble.

    Interestingly, I ended up abandoning the SEAT, the first time I tried, when Hurricane Irma and I were converging on the Florida Panhandle at the same time. However I think you're far enough inland that things shouldn't be too bad.
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