Second Deepest Canyon in the World

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    The roads, both asphalt and gravel, are really a mess. The asphalt is patch work at best, speed limit mostly 45 mph along the "2 lane hwy" then the loose gravel and steepness, well, not the best conditions. After leaving Sarajevo, Bosnia and crossing the border finally arrived Tara Canyon Montenegro. the river divides Bosnia and Montenegro. the river color is green and so clean the locals use it as their drinking water. the canyon is the 2nd deepest in the world next to the Grand Canyon. it is 52 miles long and at the deepest point 4,000' deep and what is so unique, it is heavily forested. rafting is extremely popular!


    in the 1st picture there is a power line going up the mountain (Bosnia), just to the left, below centre, are 2 wooden structures. they tell me a 72 yr old lives there, has all his life and never had electricity! here is close up of his "homestead".
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    Since I am from Montenegro and I just get back from Tara Canyon souranding yesterday, here it is a couple more pictures. Tara and mountain Durmitor are beautiful places to visit.

    20190807_103402.jpg IMG-a207dc099202d0c9560a14a90bfdb220-V.jpg 20190806_124721.jpg 20190806_122701.jpg
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