Security for trip - How do you secure your bike - Perception vs Reality

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    I had a buddy who was ex-marine and active FBI agent. I used to worry about carrying my helmet into restaurants and stuff. He never worried about any of that. I guess he’d seen enough bad stuff that little thing like that just had no place anymore in his thinking. I didn’t change, maybe couldn’t change, but that always stuck with me. He was free to not worry. Maybe it was a bumpy life for him beyond that, but I don’t think so.
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    I use two different approaches to security.

    At my apartment I use a generic oxford cover on my GS (if they can't see it, they might not be attracted to whatever may be under the cover), I lock the steering, and I have a security camera. I believe that the cover deters potential thieves, the steering lock makes it a little more difficult for those who may try, and the camera helps a little if there is an attempt or an actual theft.

    When I'm on the road for big trips I use steelcore straps on my mosko bags, and small small locks on my tank bag as a deterrent. The steelcore straps genuinely protect the mosko bags from all but a destructive attack and the small locks on my tank bag are just to ensure no one has tampered with the contents because realistically, there's not much I can do to actually protect it. I also try to park in places where either I can keep an eye on the bike or where many people will be passing by and make it difficult for a thief to have an opportunity without being seen.
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    This. Many hotels in Mexico, South and Central America (and elsewhere) have courtyards where they will happily let you park your bike for the night. If not, ground floor and park it in the room - you can do this just about anywhere. We have also had several hotel clerks offer to let us park under the unloading awning right outside the main entrance - most hotels staff the front desk 24 hours a day so at least someone is nearby and has line of sight to your bike. Once my brother and I eagerly took a hotel employee up on that offer since there were severe rain/snow storms coming through that night - we figured starting the day with a dry bike would be favorable. My brother had parked up against the curb and in the morning, landscaping sprinklers that we hadn't noticed in the dark had turned his bike into an ice sculpture anyway.

    As for locks and chains, I brought them on one trip early in my riding career and dutifully locked my bike up each night. Was a PITA and I never did it again. I do use my steering lock just about anytime I park my bike for more than a quick, local errand.
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    Kind of related enough that I figured I'd mention it. State farm's personal articles policy is what puts my mind at ease. I've got my camera/lenses and laptop on there and it's something absurdly low like $20 a year for $5000 worth of stuff.

    They'd probably drop me after the first claim, but still..
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    When I travel in Europe on my Harley, I try to park in safe secure location and I carry the following but only use them as needed: GPS tracker, factory alarm with pager remote, cover, disk lock, cable lock to secure to an immovable object. Yes it is a PIA but there is no theft insurance so if the bike is stolen I am out 20k+, trip is officially over, plus a shit load of time/energy to purchase/customize/ship another bike over from the states. So for me completely worth the 5 min to put everything on. I have been in some hotels with exceptional security and did not bother with any theft deterrents. I was close to purchasing a Almax chain (very heavy duty mc theft prevention chain), It was about $300 and weighed about 20+ lbs I believe. I didnt have the room or wanted to carry all that excess weight.