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Segway Scooter Complete Trans American Trip

Discussion in 'Electric Motorcycles' started by HadesOmega, Aug 27, 2020.

  1. HadesOmega

    HadesOmega Been here awhile

    Jul 29, 2014
    San Jose, California
    Ok so I saw this on electrek today. It's not a MOTORCYCLE per se but that's a pretty big accomplishment. These dudes were able to complete a cross country trip on a Segway scooter!

    HAHA sorry I didn't read the article very closely they mentioned Trans America so I thought they rode the Trans America Trail and realize I already started typing this. But they did a CROSS COUNTRY trip with the Segway scooter. So the rest of this post was assuming they did the TAT on the scooter they should have mentioned it was just a cross country trip.

    Couple years ago I rode from North Carolina (I actually started in San Jose, California and rode to the start of the TAT BTW) to the start of the Idaho TAT. I'd imagine those scooters must be battered quite a bit some of the TAT is pretty rough especially the Utah and Colorado sections. They must've hiked through the really rough stuff.

    All I'm saying is why didn't Segway use their X260 (AKA Sur Ron Light Bee) provide ONE bike and like 5 or 6 battery packs and carry/charge them on a chase vehicle. I would totally do that if I could get a chase crew. If you took it easy, you can get 30 miles per pack and just keep swapping them out instead of swapping a whole scooter out. The bike would make quick work of the roughest sections of the TAT.

    I remember when I was riding the TAT we would pass these dudes riding mountain bikes. These guys were hardcore, they would literally ride all day and night almost. I would pass a bike one day. Then I'd set up camp and the next day I would run into the mountain bike again. At some point they passed me.

    Anyway the article is right here