Sena intercoms, interference and low range in Canada?

Discussion in 'Equipment' started by jpbadonk, Jun 27, 2019.

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    Mar 16, 2015
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    Just rode through Canada quite a bit, passing between the US and Canada a few times. We had consistent issues with the intercom on an older 10u and new srl 2...only in Canada. Both have the latest firmware.

    When in the middle of nowhere, they worked as we expected. That means far less than advertised line of sight range (stop lying about range Sena). But as soon as we approached a town, we’d start getting static/crackling/ popping as low as 10-25 feet and we couldn’t have a conversation. Sometimes the intercom would drop and not reconnect. This was particularly troublesome as that’s often when trying to make a decision about a stop or turn.

    Anyone else had this happen? I searched but couldn’t find a similar complaint.

    My 10u will be up for sale soon...
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    I'm so happy to read about another user having interference issues.
    Well, not happy for your problems, but that I'm not alone.

    I have a 20s with a zumo 660.

    All the issues I had were in proximity to other vehicles, particularly on the interstates.
    I have noticed the issues are correlated with the presence of other people.
    I presume it is because they put on music in their cars over bluetooth during longer distances.

    The issues I had started in 2015 with dropping out of music sharing.
    I had a few dropped intercoms too, much more rare.

    Later in fall 2017, it started to spontaneously stop music too. Not even related to an intercom established or not.
    Just so happens that new phones came out with bluetooth 4 support.
    The situation got worse with time, as adoption of newer phones would be. So this correlates too.
    Nowadays, it stops audio even in the city. People are more and more addicted to bluetooth gizmos.

    All of this is happenning with the same 20S and the same zumo 660 which were fine since 2015 but started to have these issues.

    There is an hypothesis that it could also be related to bluetooth 2 devices (like the zumo 660) being more susceptible to more and more bluetooth pollution nowadays, maybe the newer connectionless packets in particular.

    With the proliferation of pointless BT devices like earbuds and all the low energy "things", the 2.4 Ghz band is going to hit a wall and become unusable (if not already the case).

    I have no clue what to fix. I have told sena to design a more reliable control protocol to avoid false positives, perhaps even disable the response to remote commands given I control everything locally (I can live without the ability to play/pause/prev/next from the remote headset!)

    Anyway, no fix as of yet.
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    had similar problems here in Oz around Sydney... have found once or twice iPhones have tried to pair into my 660.. like above i just put it down to the apple product slamming everything around it trying to connect and the zumo being old hardware causing hiccups and problems with the sena attached to it
    PS.. never been impressed with the range of Bluetooth... open roads are ok.. on dirt if u drop back to minimise dust you get dropouts... in twisties .. well ..its only line of sight anyway.. just too hard...

    these days i only use it for GPS / music and occasionally when the Mrs is on-board
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    went with the 30s... with the latest update, they work fine and range is actually pretty good... like 1/8 mile line of sight, less when around a corner..