Sequoia NP to Yosemite NP

Discussion in 'Americas' started by HarryK, Feb 20, 2008.

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    Apr 23, 2007
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    Hey Guys

    I'm picking up an '04 GS in Flagstaff and going riding around the Southwest & West in late May or early June. I've ridden Utah & Co. and will again on this trip if time permits but the focus will be going to LA to see friends I haven't seen in 18 yrs. then up the PCH and over to Yosemite. I lived in CA. for 10 yrs and always went up the coast to OR. & WA., never went inland. I know Yosemite is always pretty crowded that time of year so the plan is to camp in Sequoia and take trips around there and up to Yosemite and maybe Mammoth.
    Leaving Sequoia and working back south I plan to ride thru the park to Calif. Hot Springs, Kernville and Lake Isabella. Then over to Mojave, Zion, to CO. and Black Canyon of the Gunnison do the loop of 149 & 550. Then home to western NC.
    First question is - is there a more moto friendly road between Yosemite & Sequoia without going thru Fresno?
    2nd - Am I right to expect that the camping in Sequoia will be less crowded than Yosemite?
    3rd- Any suggestions for ride/roads in this area will be welcome.