Shelton Dirt Rider: Beginner/Fast Course

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    Jun 2, 2015
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    Just completed this 20 mile loop at area one. It's a great place for dual sport bikes, big adv bikes, quads, and beginners. Or, you can rev it up and race your buddies with some speed. Currently there is no logging operation on this piece of the property so you can move pretty quick, as the roads are closed to the public.

    This trail is one direction only. Follow the candy stripes from the gravel pit heading back to the gate.

    SDR is a members only ride area in Shelton that the public can join. On April 15th, the Tacoma Motorcycle Club will have their Annual Wet Duck Poker Run on the property covered by gate 1 and 2. The 50 mile hard course will work you up, and it's 58 miles FYI....

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