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Shineray X Trail 250cc for sale in Beijing. $700. About 3400 miles.

Discussion in 'Asia' started by Doogle, Apr 10, 2017.

  1. Doogle

    Doogle Do it while you can Supporter

    May 25, 2009
    Cincinnati, Ohio and Surprise,Arizona
    Shineray X Trail 250
    I bought this bike new in Kunming, China and am riding it to Beijing. Too difficult/impossible to bring my own bike here. Renting is nonexistent. I fly home April 15. If no one buys it, I will sell to a dealer. Below is a review I did about the bike several days ago.

    I've wanted to do my review of the bike I'm riding.
    At first I thought it was very underpowered. I think most of that was caused by the altitude. It has adequate power. It's not close to the Honda 250 though. The speedometer and odometer broke at 334 kilometers.
    The fuel gauge was iffy the first tank full. Then it was useless.
    The left turn lights don't work anymore.
    The tachometer works most of the time. But if I have the lights on, it reads about 1/2 the actual rpm.
    The headlights are very weak.
    One of the 2 bolts that attach the headlights was missing.
    The high beam indicator is on when the beam is on low.
    The rear brakes are very weak.
    The front brakes are strong.
    Suspension is better than I expected.
    The seat is better than on the Honda.
    The panniers are tough to lock. And the 16 bolts attaching each should have acorn nuts on the inside. The long bolts tear things up.
    I think most of these things could be fixed easily if I had it at home. So I have just gotten used to it.

    I've changed the oil twice. It hasn't used any oil. And the oil has come out very clean.
    It has been a great bargain for me. Yes, things could have been better. But a better bike would have cost 3 to 4 times as much.

    I did have a fall/ slide on ice with the bike. The damage from that:
    1. Broke clutch lever. Replaced.
    2. Bent shifter lever. Obvious looking at it. But I don't notice it when riding. Still bent.
    3. Left pannier rack is bent in slightly.
    4. Bottom of the left pannier has minor scuffs. You can see if you get on your hands and knees.
    5. Wires pulled out of the left hand brush guard. They light the supplemental turn signal lights on the brush guard.

    Through April 7, I have approximately 2270 miles on it. I expect to add another 1000 miles going to Beijing.

    I put a new oring chain on about 600 miles ago while in Xian.