Shinko 705's

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    Nov 23, 2011
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    After about 80,000 miles on Continental Conti-motions on my SV650, I switched to the Shinko 705s.

    Initial impression was that they fell into turns very easily. It actually felt like riding an entirely different bike. I hated it at first, but I quickly got used to the change in handling. This may also be entirely due to different sized tires rather than the tire itself. Stock tires are 120/60-17 and 160/60-17. The Shinkos are size 120/70-17 and 150/70-17.

    I only have about 400 miles on them, so this is far from a comprehensive review... Going from a sport touring tire to this 80/20 tire makes such a HUGE difference on dirt and gravel. I was always suspect on the 80/20 and 90/10 and so on tires on dirt. I always figured they would be a compromise on asphalt and barely make a difference in the dirt. Wow was I wrong! My comfort level and speed has increased quite a bit in the dirt in the short time I've had these. I've ridden on hard pack, gravel, mild single track, and some fairly deep mud (for a street bike) so far with these tires. The first three were great with these tires. In the mud, they were better than my sport touring tire, but not by much. It certainly isn't even close to a true knobby in the mud... But still an improvement.

    On the street, they're actually great. They corner really well (not that I really push it in the corners). At highway speeds, there isn't any buzzing or vibration or anything. The only complaint that I have is that the bike shimmies more than usual when passing a large truck on the highway. Again, this may be due to the different tire size, rather than the tire itself.

    So far, after only a few hundred miles, I'm quite happy with the tires, particularly for the price. I'll update after I get a few tire changes under my belt.
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    The super fast, power assisted feeling turn in is a trait of the tire profile itself as I have noticed that on pretty much any front 705 no matter the size. As you said, you either get used to it fast or it "scuffs off" pretty quickly. I think it's a bit of both because I have purposefully left the front a smidge under inflated {I generally ran up around 38-40psi but tried 32} on the front of my DL650 and that seemed to take the edge off the sensation just as you would imagine it would. After a day or so of riding on the low side, I popped it back up to normal pressure and it seemed to mitigate the phenomenon. Some of that was probably in my head, some was probably real simply due to the lower pressure slowing down the turn in. I tried that a couple three times but now,,,, I just don't think it's worth the hassle and I just "get used to it" for a day or two.

    The way I ride, I don't think the 705 would be the first choice for a SV though??? I suppose you do a lot of forestry road riding and if so,,,,, good tire choice I think. I think you will find the fronts last forever {easy 15K miles}, the rears,,,,, not so much {for me, rarely better than 4.5K, most under 4K}. A good combo might be a 705 on the front and a Pilot Road out back????? If the Pilot Road is too pricey,,,, maybe a Shinko 009 Raven? The 009 would go an easy 5-6K miles on the back of my FJR when treated rough locally. Maybe up around 8-9K miles when treated nice!
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    I have no complaints with the 705 tires I installed on my 2014 Vstroms 1000. 9000 miles on the front, and I estimate I will get at least 12000 miles. The rear tires are a different story. First rear tire went at 3000 miles, as did the second rear. Third rear tire I replaced with an 805. Great tire, pretty good off road, certainly better than the 705 rear. Also, very good on pavement. 80 m.p.h. indicated on sweepers, with zero issues. Only issue, I will not get more than 3000 miles on the rear. Overall, I really like the 705 and 805 tires. As good or better than the O.E.M. Bridgestone, and cheaper.