Shipping a bike from US to South Africa

Discussion in 'Africa & Mid East' started by Neubz, Jul 1, 2010.

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    You have any links for Canada to Africa? Might be heading out to Kenya next year for 3-4 weeks and have had little luck locating rentals that are not cheap little chinese bikes. KTM has a dealership, but they dont rent.
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    It all depends from where exactly (I would guess from Milwaukee according to your id) and how you intend to send your bike, air or sea; You may wish to send it by sea considering costs. Cheaper dollar-wise but certainly not hassle free. Good thing is you'll have some bucks left to enjoy yourself in Cape Town! It might cost less to rent a good bike in SA for a few week unless you want to drive it up to some other countries. I gather from threads on Horizons that South Africa is a fairly easy place regarding customs procedures, and else. Can't be worst than Egypt where I am now, with the bike.

    Shipping from Milwaukee, let's say, means some road distance to a port somewhere, eg Philadelphia, Miami, else, then shipment by container. Note that it sometimes is difficult to get a bike onboard for less popular destinations as it tends to get tricky for the shipping company to group items to fill a container, so delays may be encountered. Just be sure the crate is solid enough.. The good thing is that you can ship some personal stuff in your crate, stuff like panniers, tent, sleeping bad etc. Although you'll find all this stuff at great price in SA without any difficulty if you don't already have all you need.

    Should you decide to ship it by air, you should actually be able to drop it at the Cargo division of the airline you're traveling with a few hours before boarding, then ride out on it at destination. This of course costs some more, but when you think about it, it might prove the right option for you. For example, shipping from Montreal to Paris costs roughly 1000 USD, I doubt it would cost more than twice that amount if you fly SA Airlines from the States.

    I shipped my KTM Adventure 3 times already, never by air, well, maybe soon. It always make me feel nervous, but man, what a pleasure to uncrate!

    I encourage you to dig overlanders' web sites for tips and experience sharing. Good luck, and remember, they drive on the left side of the road in SA..!
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