Shipping a GSA to London from LA

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    Moral of this story: enjoy the ride and don't fret about the other stuff. Yes I have my bike and yes I bought winglets from Parklane. They weren't in stock but they got the parts by the next morning, Saturday. I have to give them credit for that. Fairly nice fellows. Far better than my original opinion- after I got the real story. My dealers don't get parts by the next morning without paying in advance including shipping.

    So I lost a few bags and a shipping crate. Yea I'm out an extra £600.00. the weather sucked for four days, so what. Today I'm not thinking about that. It's sunny and warm in Marseille and I've spent two days exploring every back alley and road I could find. Met some interesting people, watched a girl get her bag snatched, ( I was 200 yards away so I couldn't help, a couple other guys gave chase on scooters). Drank some good wine, beer, cheap whiskey, and smoked a few Cubans, although overpriced. Did the tourist thing and ran out of gas...another adventure to write about.

    Tomorrow I'm heading for Cannes and then head along the Mediterranean all the way as far as the coast route will allow. I'll chalk this up to experience and make sure to remember; the true adventure starts when something goes wrong. If this is all that goes wrong, I'll be sure to enjoy my trip. I will however be seeking freight back to Los Angeles or maybe somewhere on the east coast so I can ride home from there. That will depend on time and weather.

    You can follow along if your interested.

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