Short jaunt: 200 Miles towards break-in

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    Apr 2, 2021
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    Got mi R1250GSA last Tuesday 4/27, but had not had a chance to ride other than to the motor vehicle bureau to get her properly licensed. Anyway, had to meet someone for a quick meeting a couple of towns over, so decided to make a quick morning trip out of it.
    100 miles each way, in ECO mode, nothing over 5k RPM (as per break-in instructions), but enjoyable nevertheless.
    It’s been 10 yrs since I had a BMW (had a chromehead between 2009-2011), and boy have these bikes come a long way.
    Despite commentary to the contrary, I found the stock seat above average in comfort. Bike handles like it weighed half of its actual weight. Wow.
    I’m coming off a 2019 HD Fat Boy, so I guess it’s apples to oranges but I must say, I think I made a good decision with the switch. Anyhoo, here’s a couple pics:
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    Bike looks awesome mate. I babysat an older 1200R with the water cooled engine and was mightily impressed with its power and the up and down quick shifter was a hoot. The model you have has had a substantial power update!!!!
    Those canyon roads look like a hoot as well!
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