Sieg's Trans MO. River Ride (TMORR)

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    First file> This track runs along the Mississippi River from Chester IL. to Houghton IA.
    It was created to connect the Trans Missouri Trail (TMOT) to the Trans Iowa Trail (TIT) The TMOT already connect to the Trans Arkansas Trail (TART). There are two TMOTs, BigDog's TMOT and Basher's TMOT. This track, the TMORR, connects to the northeast end of both.
    The TMORR is all big bike friendly, just back roads along the Mississippi River some on the east side some on the west side. Probably more than 50% paved but I used as much gravel as possible. Some of it runs on the levee roads on the IL. side. Some of these levee roads are open and closed at different times for some reason. Some are gated and some are just signed. Some are signed on only one end, making them essentially a one way road. They are marked that way on the tracks. As of this posting everything on the track was open and can be ridden as the track is. But be advised the open and close status changes from time to time. Don't ride around gates or past signs showing the road closed.
    Getting around the St. Louis metro area was not possibly without some major roads, but it does give you a nice close up look at the St. Louis Gateway Arch.
    There many scenic views, lots of eagles at the right time, several large eagle nests, lots of river access pull offs. I did not mark any as waypoints that would clutter up the track file. But if like to look at eagles I can tell you where some nest are.
    Have fun, ride safe.

    Second file> This is the southern part of a connector that will run up central MO. to join the TIT when complete. Ed M is working on the north part. And north part of this track is actually his suggestion. So till it's done and the north part is complete, I've added a track to STL. from what I have completed so people can make a loop from Basher's TMOT to the south part of the connector and back to the start on mostly gravel.

    Link to the complete TMOT Central>

    Link to the TMOT >

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    Here's an overview map -

    TMORR map.JPG
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    Thanks sieg.

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