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    Not sure if my experience is the norm, but wanted to share my ordering experience in case anyone else is shopping at Sierra BMW.

    Needed an MRA X-creen Tour clamp on windscreen.
    • 7/31 I order/pay for the MRA parts for upcoming multi-state ride; parts appear as In Stock (I chose Sierra because other online retailers list the clamp on MRA as “Out of Stock”)
    • 8/13 the windshield actually ships—it was NOT in stock.
    • 8/16 I leave on 1,000mi trip that was supposed to have the MRA windshield installed on; instead my head is buffeted the whole trip
    • 8/30 I email to say “where is the clamp for the windshield; you only sent the wrong model, the bolt on windshield”
    • 8/31 I call Revzilla to ask if they actually have the clamp kit in stock. They confirm that 2 are in their Vegas warehouse, and can arrive by 9/3. I decide to give Sierra BMW a chance to correct the problem.
    • 9/1 I call to ask if my email was received and what the explanation is; the parts dept rep says he has not seen the email, but he’ll look into it. He does some checking and lo and behold, they found that ‘the other part, the windshield clamp, is on that way, and is coming separately. No apology, but he says it should arrive that week, and say he will call back to let me know when it will arrive, after I tell him I have another trip coming up and really need it. He never calls me back.
    • 9/4 the clamp kit arrives as I am leaving town for next trip.
    • 9/12 I return from trip and start into the installation. Only to find that the clamp kit is missing the 2nd allen bolt (M4x35), having instead come with some odd other bolt (see red circle in attached image) and only (1) of the correct bolts (see blue in attached image).

    This has been the most frustrating motorcycle purchasing experience I can remember. As a first-time customer, Sierra BMW has lost my confidence and support. By the time (9/15?) someone (possibly) reads the text above [that I emailed to their info@] , more than 6 weeks will have passed since I placed this order. And it will likely take a week or MORE to rectify this. I am very disappointed. YMMV in shopping from them.

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    They all do that-