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    2200 paved loop from Boise ID through Utah, past Lake Mead, Death Valley and the length of the Sierra Foothills as far north as Lake Tahoe. Started and ended on highway/interstate but throughout the Sierras the focus was taking the narrowest, little known backroads. Days 3 & 4 are scenic but best backroads are Days 5 through 8. Summary of days is below photo.

    Google map of tracks:

    Ride report:


    Day 1 Boise ID - Brigham City UT 300mi - some state route, mostly interstate
    Day 2 Brigham City UT - Cedar City UT 320mi - some interstate, mostly state routes
    Day 3 Cedar City UT- Boulder City NV 215mi - some backroad, mostly state routes
    Day 4 Boulder City NV - Furnace Crk CA 185m - Lake Mead & Death Valley via state routes
    Day 5 Furnace Crk CA - Isabella Lk CA 240mi - Death Valley & Sherman Pass via state routes and paved forest roads
    Day 6 Isabella Lk CA - Oakhurst CA 240mi - Backroads
    Day 7 Oakhurst CA - Angels Camp CA 130mi - Backroads
    Day 8 Angels Camp CA - S Lk Tahoe CA 170mi - Backroads and paved forest roads
    Day 9 S Lk Tahoe CA - Winnemucca NV 210mi - state routes and interstate
    Day 10 Winnemucca NV - Boise ID 255mi - state routes

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    Awesome! Link the ride report when you get it done, please.