Simple And Away Touring Africa on their BMW R80GS SWT-Sports 92

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    Jun 11, 2014
    Hey All

    Max & Ania here. We’ve been on the forum in some way or another for a few years now. We’re a traveling couple who did a big trip from Switzerland to Malaysia back in 2015 and are now headed from Cape Town towards Uganda on our modified (by SWT-Sports) BMW R80GS.
    I come from Ireland, she comes from Poland, we met in Egypt and have been on the bike since China.

    Just thought I'd share/keep you guys up to date and hopefully create some wanderlust

    I’ll reply to this thread on some interesting details regarding shipping, packing, pillion riding, border crossings etc. Feel free to ask any question about any details of the trip here or on any of the available channels.

    This is my lovely wife and our home for the next few months.

    The bike build thread is here:
    Ask me any technical questions ask here or over on

    Our YouTube is here:

    Instagram here:

    I'll post here every few days/weeks whenever something fantastic happens.

    Currently we are heading towards Botswana through South Africa with Lesotho and Swaziland behind us. We've already made a couple videos and I'll sum them up for the lazy people:

    Episode 1:
    We're still at home, preparing for our trip. We have no idea what we are doing.

    Episode 2:
    We arrive in Cape Town, do some tourist stuff and pick up our bike from the freight agent (shipping Germany to Cape Town).

    Episode 3:
    First offload in Africa, Shark Cage Diving & Ziplining.

    Episode 4:
    Did the awesome Swatberg Pass. Some good drone shots & funny stories

    Episode 5:
    Baviaanskloof. Holy Crap that was a tough ride!
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    Jun 11, 2014
    This is the list of tools and spares that we carry


    Moto Trip Tools and Spares by Simple and Away

    Under Tank (in between engine over and frame) Beancan/Hallgeber, SWT sells a small set with all the bits in it. Strator, big and awkward but wrapped in foil fits under the tank.
    Black tube (we used a bicycle tube to put in the frame of the bike, lube with silicon and it slides in)
    Metal paste x3
    Metal saws
    Metal tube
    Oil cooler by pass kit (got stranded in France because I left this at home!)
    Box beside battery (Gel battery is smaller than stock battery so there is space in the battery compartment for a small box)
    2 spark plugs
    Ignition cable, not sure why but just had a feeling I may need it.
    Voltage regulator, if you get stranded without one you can use a cable with spade connectors to bypass it, it will kick out 14v all the time and will run overtime. OK for a short while. Ignition unit/regulator
    Diode board
    Fuel filters
    Suspension adjustment tool Clutch spring Throttle adjustment screw Valve stems Rubber fairing holder
    Red mini 12v plug adapter Grease/Fett niple Gaskets (engine and gearbox) Relay horn/ignition Fuses
    Black side bag (small ortlieb bag attached to the right side fairing under riders leg) Super glue
    Elastic, electrical and duct tape
    2KP Glue
    Dirko Gasket Maker BMW Drei bond Blue Loctite Oil filter kit
    Fire Lighter
    Voltmeter with batteries

    Side triangle bag (a triangular cycling frame bag fits nicely on the left fairing under riders leg)
    Metal wire Nuts and bolts
    Electrics kit (different gauge wires, crimp stuff, schrink rap, solder)
    Collapsible funnel, you can also use any small piece of plastic or one of those plastic magazines work well to make a funnel with
    Front fender bag (enduristan fender bag, make sure it’s not too heavy) Duct, electrical and rubber hose tape
    Jubilee clips
    2KP glue
    Engine oil screw
    Rear yellow bag (ortlieb extension bag under top box in frame) Rotor Zündspule/Ignition Coil
    Soldering iron
    Fork Gasket
    Jump starter cables (for power bank) Carb gaskets set
    In toolkit (under seat)
    Standard tools
    Mini ratchet set 13mm

    Elsewhere in bike
    Reusable cable ties (attached to frame)
    Assorted cable ties (attached to frame)
    Metal cable tie (attached to frame)
    Tire irons (attached to frame on the bottom close to the break lever)
    Tubes front and back (attached with cable ties to the front and left fairing
    Hand pump (turns into one you can stand on) (attached to rear frame behind seat) Fuel line (attached to frame)
    Valve cover gasket (silicon, foldable), somewhere, think I lost it.
    Desert air filter (smuggled it into our medicine bag)
    1l engine oil (attached to a bottle holder on the frame front right)
    10 meter 250kg rope (wrapped around crash bars)
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    Jun 11, 2014
    Hi All, we finished Lesotho. A small landlocked country surrounded entirely by South Africa. It is a real gem with amazing people and lots of high altitude offroad. Great for our airhead boxer!
    We made a new video about it, enjoy:

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