Six Africa Twins to Cape Town

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    Hi, very nice trip :)
    I leave in a month for a North cap to cap town trip, and have only 2 months..... I know it seems difficult, but I have to try and I've all my visas ready :)
    do you have GPX files of your trip?
    Cabinda is in Angola but where did you cross the border to DRC?
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    Sep 11, 2015
    Thanks! If you have your visas in order two months should be enough. The more time the better but if its all you have, go for it! We did a totaal of 23000km in three months.

    I dont have any gpx files, but me mostly followed the main roads. There aren’t many main roads so you can’t go wrong with that. We used

    We followed the EN220 from Cabinda into DRC. From there its a dirt road to Boma. We continued to Songololo and didn’t cross into Angola at Matadi as apparently the road is bad.

    Have fun, good luck and share it with us :) Let me know if you need more.