SLAP 2013 - May 17-19 @ Byrd's Adventure Center Ozark, AR

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    9th Annual ADV SLAP Rally - Squeal Like a Pig

    Here are the quick and dirty details for your short attention spans:
    When: May 17-19, 2013
    Where: Byrd's Adventure Center (click HERE for a map)
    Cost: as low as $45 or $65 (with a t-shirt)
    Who/how do I pay?: Click HERE to register
    What do I get for my $$? Food.:dg Beer.:slurp Camp.:jkam Beer.:freaky Riding.:ricky
    Are the cool kids attending? YES. See HERE for the "IN list"
    Are there big-time corporate sponsors? Heck yes! Scroll down to see the list and start fantasizing about all the cool swag.

    SLAP early registration deadline is May 1st.

    What does this mean?... T-shirt ordering closes. SLAP Swag for early registrants only.:evil

    Registration CLOSES on Friday May 10th.

    What does this mean?... The paypal link will be disabled and only "cash for scraps" will be accepted. We need to give final numbers to the catering company. Showing up at the event with cash does not guarantee that we will have enough food. We'll do our best to make sure everyone gets fed though.[/SIZE]


    Technically, it was never dead, but new life is being breathed into the 9th installment of this annual ADV Rally. SLAP 2013 will be infused with a delicate elixir of choice grains and hops.
    Yes, we will have BEER. :freaky

    We will have catered meals. We will have epic dirt and epic, twisty pavement.
    We will have organized events and maybe an ADV de-noobing ceremony.:dunno
    We will have BEER too.

    The Northwest Arkansas inmates have been gracious hosts for the past several years, so we Okies decided to help them out and handle the workload this year. Fortunately for you, we didn't decide to move it to Oklahoma.

    After four years on top of White Rock Mountain, AR, we're moving the rally a few miles downhill to the Byrd's Adventure Center on the banks of the Mulberry River in Ozark, AR.

    This location was chosen for several reasons:
    1. Direct access via pavement (the roads to White Rock were getting rough)
    2. More riding options (epic pavement, forest roads, singletrack, and everything in-between)
    3. More activities for spouses and families

    MORE Details

    Dates: May 17-19, 2013
    If you'd like to arrive earlier or stay longer, just make your arrangements with the campground.

    Location: Byrd's Adventure Center, Ozark, AR
    <IFRAME height=350 marginHeight=0 src="'s+adventure+center&aq=&sll=37.0625,-95.677068&sspn=42.03917,73.125&ie=UTF8&hq=byrd's+adventure+center&hnear=&t=m&z=13&iwloc=A&cid=1189943919895177357&ll=35.679511,-93.73973&output=embed" frameBorder=0 width=425 marginWidth=0 scrolling=no></IFRAME>
    <SMALL>View Larger Map</SMALL>

    Lodging: Your registration fee includes tent/vehicle camping on site. Group showers :evil, toilets, and water will be available for all to use, but the camping will be somewhat primitive, much like a tent city. There will be plenty of room for vehicle and trailer parking. If you decide to camp offsite, the "camping" portion of your registration will be considered a donation to the event. We want to encourage all attendees to stay at Byrd's so we can recapture the SLAP unity that has been fading a bit over the last few years.

    RV Spots: If you're interested in RV accommodations (i.e. a campsite with RV hook-ups), then here is what you need to know... There will be a limited number of RV/electrical sites available at a first come-first served basis. Please specify this request when you register. We will maintain a list of who has asked for RV sites (in order of "dibs") and will do our best to accommodate. We have a certain number allotted (12), but may be able to add more as needed. Only paid registrants can hold an RV spot. Here's the RV LIST.
    RV Disclaimer- please only reserve an RV site if you are a definite attendee to SLAP2013. If you just need to park a van or trailer and don't actually require electrical or water hook-ups, then don't reserve an RV site. We'll have plenty of room for car campers. (I'll be sleeping in my van at the campground.) Also... please don't be a selfish prick and reserve an RV site for just one person. Let's leave them for the families or groups, please. If you have a big ass RV and want to share your amenities, that would be cool. Thanks for understanding.
    Meals: Included with your registration will be three meals professionally prepared by a local catering company... Friday dinner, Saturday breakfast, and Saturday Dinner. Non-alcoholic beverages will also be provided at meals.

    Rides and Routes: There is a separate thread dedicated to route gathering, ride organization, and whatnot. It is the product of much attention by our fellow inmates in NW Arkansas. Click HERE for the stuff.

    T-Shirts, swag, and other stuff: The t-shirt logo will look something like THIS. There is a high possibility that participants will get stickers, other SLAP-related chotchkies, and freebies including door prizes and raffles. It all depends on how well we do at begging for free shit from vendors and sponsors. See the not-all-inclusive sponsor list below. Wanna be a sponsor? Contact inmate Tomski74.

    Liability: To participate in this event, you'll probably be asked to sign a waiver releasing liability (to ADV, Byrd's, and the event organizers) in the event that you somehow screw the pooch. We're all friends here. Be safe and don't do anything stupid. We'll try to do the same.


    SLAP 2013 is made possible in part by numerous sponsors (corporate and individual). We will recognize those sponsors here and at the event. These companies or individuals below have donated gear, door prizes, cash, or other items and services to make SLAP 2013 as fun and memorable as possible. From the SLAP planning committee, we thank you.

    If you are interested in sponsoring SLAP 2013 (no matter the content or size of your contribution), please contact inmate Tomski74 via PM.

    Adventure lighting and other cool gadgets.

    Motorcycle gear, parts, and service.


    Motorcycle garment and gear service and repair.
    SpeedSport Leathers Website

    Motorcycle maps and guides.

    Restaurant point of sale and security systems.

    The Snake Foundation (anonymous donor:wink:).

    Electronic cigarettes and supplies.

    Custom screenprinting and embroidery.
  2. JumpJet

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    Jun 25, 2008
    Registration Fee is $45

    Rally Shirts (T-shirts) come in the standard flavors of Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, XX-Large, and XXX-Large

    Registration has Closed

    List updated 5/14
  3. JumpJet

    JumpJet Looking for Alpha

    Jun 25, 2008
    1. JumpJet - PAID + T-Shirt XL
    2. Newner - PAID + T-Shirt(2) XXL and Lrg
    3. Krabil - PAID + T-Shirt Lrg
    4. Dragon43 - Paid
    5. FatBob - PAID + T-Shirt XL
    6. MrsFatBob PAID
    7. DrLewall - Donation
    8. Throttlemeister - PAID + T-Shirt XL
    9. Redburn - PAID + T-shirt XL
    10. Toyman - PAID + T-shirt XXL
    11. Joenuclear - PAID + T-shirt XL
    12. Sc-razor - PAID + T-Shirt XXX
    13. HiHOSilverGS - PAID + T-Shirt XL
    14. Celtazon - PAID + T-Shirt Sm
    15. Valentino Magoo - PAID + T-Shirt XL
    16. Ammca - PAID + T-Shirt XL
    17. Anarchy - PAID + T-Shirt Lrg
    18. RedDirtJoe - PAID + T-Shirt Lrg
    19. Scribe - PAID + T-Shirt XL
    20. 4Star - PAID + T-Shirt XXL
    21. Tomski74 - PAID + T-Shirt XL
    22. Yanush - PAID + T-Shirt Lrg
    23. XATLASX - PAID + T-Shirt Lrg
    24. Vinnie the Snake - PAID
    25. DRZ Charlie - PAID + T-Shirt XXL
    26. toondebt11 - PAID + T-Shirt XL
    27. mdawg12 - PAID + T-Shirt Lrg
    28. rustynut2 - PAID + T-Shirt XL
    29. Albie - Paid
    30. Shoofly - Paid + T-Shirt Lrg
    31. Earlvet - Paid + T-Shirt Lrg
    32. Arkwizard - Paid + T-Shirt XXL
    33. NNichols - PAID + T-Shirt Lrg
    34. BikeRat - PAID + T-Shirt Lrg
    35. ktmdude2002 - PAID + T-Shirt Lrg
    36. guavadude - PAID
    37. Okietrailboss - PAID + T-Shirt XL
    38. Mrs. Okietrailboss - PAID + T-Shirt Lrg
    39. Phubner - PAID + T-Shirt Lrg
    40. Mrs. Phubner - PAID + T-Shirt Lrg
    41. Skeet279 - PAID + T-Shirt Lrg
    42. Skeet279+1 - PAID + T-Shirt Med
    43. RedPhoenix - PAID + T-Shirt XL
    44. Deathwish - PAID + T-Shirt Med
    45. Z50startedit - PAID + T-shirt XL
    46. Scotty69 - PAID + T-Shrit XXL
    47. SirDave - PAID + T-Shirt XXL
    48. Jaydee1445 - PAID + T-Shirt XXL
    49. Mrs. Jaydee1445 -PAID
    50. JTWest - PAID + T-Shirt Lrg
    51. Farscape - PAID + T-Shirt XL
    52. OBryan - PAID
    53. KevinD_us - PAID + T-Shirt XXL
    54. Dadayama - PAID
    55. OKDQ - PAID + T-Shirt XXL
    56. Pallbearer37 - PAID + T-Shirt XL
    57. GL1800 - PAID + T-Shirt XXL
    58. OneMoreTime - PAID
    59. JDubb - PAID + T-Shirt Lrg
    60. Gardenman - PAID
    61. Slomo - PAID + T-Shirt Lrg
    62. Captain America - Paid + T-Shirt Lrg
    63. Crashit - Paid + T-Shirt XL
    64. crownhorse - PAID + T-Shirt XXX
    65. Dr.Z - PAID + T-Shirt XL
    66. Dr.Z + 1 - PAID + T-Shirt XL
    67. Nikoutdoor - PAID
    68. Nikoutdoor + 1 - PAID
    69. BPrince - PAID + T-Shirt Sm
    70. Mrs. BPrince - PAID
    71. BlueBiscuit - PAID
    72. act650 - PAID + T-Shirt XXL
    73. act650 + 1 - PAID + T-Shirt Lrg
    74. guvment mule - PAID
    75. firebolt - PAID + T-Shirt Med
    76. 2whelman - PAID
    77. 7shamrocks - PAID
    78. Dirt2007 - PAID + T-Shirt XL
    79. grigby - PAID + T-Shirt XL
    80. crigby - PAID + T-Shrit Lrg
    81. dw373 - PAID + T-Shirt XL
    82. Oleary - PAID + T-Shirt XL
    83. NWBeerkat - PAID + T-Shirt XL
    84. Columbo - PAID + T-Shirt XL
    85. cleandirt - PAID + T-Shirt Med
    86. Trl Rdr - PAID + T-Shirt XL
    87. Don Shack - PAID
    88. Wayne Shack -PAID
    89. BillyBoy - PAID
    90. blaisew - PAID + T-Shirt XL
    91. katbeanz - PAID
    92. Dirtfarmer - PAID
    93. UlyBrad - PAID
    94. UlyBrad + 1 - PAID
    95. Fotobo - PAID
    96. Rufus - PAID
    97. JDowns - PAID
    98. JoeBlogs - PAID
    99. sanjoh - PAID
    100. Moto-Scout - PAID
    101. mars - PAID
    102. larryb - PAID
    103. LKendel - Paying by SA
    104. Joker64 - PAID
    105. Prairiedog - PAID
    106. Prairiedog + 1 - PAID
    107. Scooterboy - PAID
    108. rjharris - PAID
    109. JaiDee - PAID
    110. 4ranch - PAID
    111. Mrs. 4ranch - PAID
    112. dualKaw - Pending

    RV Space Requested
    Don Shack

    The Undecided, Unconfirmed, and All Things Un :
    FastLane AR

    The Fallen :cry
    DirtyDog - OUT for the Main Event :huh
    Sc-razor - Donation
    KDXE200 - PAID + T-Shirt Lrg
    Redneckdan - OUT
    mattmus4357 - Refunded
    Rycomm - OUT

    Don't be UNCool. Get on the IN List before before the world passes you by.
    <div style="background:#000;width:350px; height:260px;font:0px sans-serif;text-align:left;"><object classid="clsid:d27cdb6e-ae6d-11cf-96b8-444553540000" id="cdtw" width="350" height="240" style="outline:none"><param name="movie" value="" /><param name="flashvars" value="eid=212815" /><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always" /><param name="bgcolor" value="#000000" /><embed name="cdtw" src="" flashvars="eid=212815" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="350" height="240" allowscriptaccess="always" bgcolor="#000000" style="outline:none"></embed></object><br/> <a href="" style="font:bold 8px Arial;padding-left:19px;color:#444;">COUNTDOWN CLOCK WIDGETS</a></div>
  4. Newner

    Newner Buffering

    Jan 11, 2008
    Tulsa, OK
    IN! Ordering my banjo off of Ebay right now.
  5. Krabill

    Krabill Long timer

    Oct 25, 2005
    Tulsa, OK

    I'll be glad to help out with whatever I can.

    I'm thinking about an evening adventure bike trials type competition. There's a perfect little dirt playground right there in the middle of camp for it :D
  6. Dragon43

    Dragon43 If you insist.

    Oct 18, 2008
    Central Arkansas
    In .... Will bring oxygen...... :gerg
  7. DirtyDog

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    Apr 27, 2007
    Tulsa... it's OK
    That sounds awesome.:p3rry
  8. FatBob

    FatBob aka blinkerbob! Supporter

    Oct 23, 2006
    Coweta, OK
    IN. The prospect of lots of :freaky BEER :freaky did it for me. Buttermilk pie at Oark is a bonus.
  9. DrLewall

    DrLewall ADV Has gone to SHIT

    Aug 20, 2008
    Banned Camp
    IN..but no need T shirt...I am only attending for the fun, and thats all! :D
  10. rycomm

    rycomm Been here awhile

    Apr 26, 2009
    Shawnee, KS (KC)
    I've been waiting for this. I did the (non) swinging bridges ride this year, and have been looking forward to SLAP for '13. I'll be in tenting, and most likely riding down on the DRZ.

  11. Throttlemeister

    Throttlemeister Long timer Super Supporter

    Sep 17, 2007
    Okie near Muskogee

    +1:freaky and ButtermilkPie:clap
  12. Redburn

    Redburn Been here awhile

    Jul 7, 2006
    SW Mo.
  13. The Toyman

    The Toyman Handy not Handsome Supporter

    Sep 4, 2010
    Next Door
    Add me to the in list. I will try to be there:)
  14. joenuclear

    joenuclear Still here....

    Mar 16, 2007
    Fort Smith, Arkansas
    N, hope to make it.
  15. redneckdan

    redneckdan Hold my beer & watch this

    Oct 11, 2008
    Somewhere on da Iron Range.
    I have to be in dallas on the 20th of May. I am hopeing to ride my FZ1 down there from MN. If the trip happens I will plan to attend SLAP. Too far out to commit for sure at this time.
  16. sc-razor

    sc-razor Long timer

    May 19, 2008
    NW Arkansas
    In and paid!
  17. DocAxeYarYar


    Aug 25, 2008
    Austin, TX
    Ive been trying to make this for several years, and if work allows I'm gonna try! This is an awesome ride you put on, and like they say, Texans go to Arkansas to crash their bikes! Gear up!
  18. DirtyDog

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    Apr 27, 2007
    Tulsa... it's OK
    SLAP 2013 T-Shirt details

    By popular demand of my ever-opinionated TTPC focus group, the SLAP 2013 tee is one of the synthetic, moisture-wicking type.

    Here is the logo:

    Go HERE if you want to see the garment details from the manufacturer. We will be using "graphite" color.

    Click HERE to register and buy a shirt.
  19. DirtFarmer

    DirtFarmer Has anyone seen my mother

    Jul 16, 2007
    T-shirt looks great, but after reading last year's ride reports I thought there would be helicopters and search & rescue trucks in the design. :lol3
  20. DirtyDog

    DirtyDog Omnia mea mecum porto Supporter

    Apr 27, 2007
    Tulsa... it's OK
    Or maps.
    Or common sense.