Sleeping in a rest area

Discussion in 'Americas' started by bodine003, Mar 1, 2020.

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    Not everyone has unlimited time for a motorcycle trip. I used to ride the freeway for a couple days to get out West to where the fun riding was. Though I never slept in a rest area, there were times when I was extremely tired, and places to sleep were slim. I don't think anyone really wants to sleep there, it is just a question of sleep or getting in an accident. I've been there, falling asleep while riding. Luckily it was daytime, and safe to sleep on a picnic table in a rest area for an hour.
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    I've slept for a few hours in my RV at rest areas a couple times, but never on a motorcycle. If it were between falling asleep riding and staying for a few hours, I'd choose to sleep there. Otherwise, I'd pass. Too high of a theft risk IMO. In most areas of North America, getting off the interstate and down a couple side roads, a place to stealth camp can be had pretty easily. I generally go this route personally.
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    Never know who you'll meet at a rest area.... :uhoh

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    I do this a lot in TX. I've found thet if it's mark rest stop it's a NO
    I have found in TX that I camp at them all the time. But not rest areas I stay at rest stops or picnic areas. If they do not have facility's I've never had a problem and always set up camp towards the back
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    Have done a couple of extra long days (1200 miles or so) Will pull in a rest stop and wearing ATGATT slide under a picnic table. Harder to mess with me and not as visible as on top. Only there for an hour or two. Have slept on the front steps of a city church and once in a monsoon on the turnpike outside Tulsa under the bridge works well.
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