Slumping (sleeping in a car)

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    I have an old white 93 Suburban that a client gave me when they sold their house. Decent shape, but not a "I'm proud of this thing" even though it was free. I have come to love it though. We usually have the back seat out, and have a double wide Paco Pad by Jack's Plastic for sleeping (its a river runner's durable sleep pad). We take it on dirt bike weekends and my kid and I sleep really well in it, with room at our heads for gear. We even have taken to using it for winter camping on ski bum trips. I started calling it our Sportsmobile, because that is what we use it for, plus it's 4wd and sleeps two comfortably. My boys prefer to call it White Trash though...
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    Haven't visited this thread for a long time sorry. The van drives good pulling the trailer the van is rated to pull 3600 pounds and the trailer loaded with trials bikes and gear is only about 1650 pounds. I take it on a 5000 km road trip twice a year or so.
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    Thanks !!!!
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    I started with an '03 Toyota Matrix XR trailering my bike to events and rallies and sleeping in the car. I gave this one to my son and recently purchased an '06 Matrix XR with very few miles on it. The Matrix has a 1500 lb towing capacity which is plenty for my little trailer, my XR650L, and a second bike if necessary. The back seat folds flat and the front passenger seat folds almost flat. This makes for a very comfortable sleeping area with my riding jacket stuffed between the seats to bridge the gap, a Big Agnes 3" air pad, and an inflatable pillow. In and out through the rear passenger door is easy with your shoes stowed behind the seat. Got a couple screens for the rear windows, a screen for the sunroof, and I sleep very comfortably. All my riding gear occupies the other side of the cargo area. Yeah, you can't sit up in the back and it only sleeps one person but I still get over 30 mpg towing bikes. Starting to look for another one.
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    For me a 2500HD crew cab truck works well. For a few years I slept in the back with the rear seats folded down and a sleeping mat. I did have to sleep diagonal though. Now I sleep in the bed of my truck using a bed tent and a large air mattress.
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    I have the option to load a bike on the back of my Toyota Rav4 with V6. It gets good mpg as well. The back seats fold down flat and my air mattress fits with ease. HOWEVER, I have yet to actually camp out of it. I'd much rather put down the miles in my comfy F150 and sleep out of a tent.

    GG.jpg bed.jpg F150.jpg
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    Does this count? My buddy was in the tent, I was in the truck bed tent. It was actually quite spacious and comfy. The twin size air mattress really made the difference. 20191228_074907.jpg
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    First it was VW busses as a kid
    Then a 77 dodge colt, it was not comfortable
    The a VW rabbit pick up with a topper
    Then Accord wagon
    Then Toyota Tacoma
    Then an Honda Minivan (most comfortable of the 6)

    Then we wised up and got a truck camper.

    A neat trick I saw when I was rock climbing.
    The woman made an abs panel that fit in the cars window that had venting and was protected from rain.
    She also had removed the passenger seat and had her platform from front to back on that side.
    It was in either a civic wagovan or the Toyota version of the small 4x4 wagons that were popular in the late 80s.
    She could be inside with the doors locked and still be vented and could sleep in a pretty small car.

    These days there's a lot more laws about sleeping in vehicles as anti homelessness or NIMBY are sweeping the country so make sure you check the rules, lest you get the windshield knock knock at 3 in the morning.
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    One foot out the door.

    Lived in one of these one summer while touring. Folded down the back seat and slept fine( I was a young man then)
    god that thing stunk of reffer, ramen and patchouli.
    Good memories but I do not think that I could get any sleep in a parking lot now.
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    When car camp I always sleep in leaned back passenger seat so pedals and steering wheel don't bother me.