Slumping (sleeping in a car)

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    I have an old white 93 Suburban that a client gave me when they sold their house. Decent shape, but not a "I'm proud of this thing" even though it was free. I have come to love it though. We usually have the back seat out, and have a double wide Paco Pad by Jack's Plastic for sleeping (its a river runner's durable sleep pad). We take it on dirt bike weekends and my kid and I sleep really well in it, with room at our heads for gear. We even have taken to using it for winter camping on ski bum trips. I started calling it our Sportsmobile, because that is what we use it for, plus it's 4wd and sleeps two comfortably. My boys prefer to call it White Trash though...
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    I do a lot of this sleeping in cars, mostly when hunting in scotland.
    Main reason is MIDGES, they are serious in some places and motel or hotel has you in and out of the area takes time costs money dogs end up sleeping in car , the theft angle regarding dogs. reasons are endless why car is the best option.
    So first thing is any car and most time of year big enemy is condensation. cars have windows vans steel sides fibreglass is worse, . in a car you got to insulate the glass as much as you can, most cars have headlining these days with good insulation and body ventilation, so its the glass mainly.
    I use a product called here INSULAY. its like a black underfeld material about 6mm thick its used to underfelt flooring and aparently they insulate some aircraft with it because its thin but very efficient. as flooring underlay it flattens down looses its properties in some cases but its flexible flat soft and its easy to cut with scisors. i cut pieces out that fit the windows on the car and store the sections under the boot floor or back seat in the day. keeping the pannels in place is easy enough the screen is the big problem and rear window on station wagons etc.
    Side windows it tucks into the inner door rubbers and involves no more than winding window up to help trap it in the seal.
    Screen its the rear view mirror thats your friend. with 20lb fishing you can run from the mirror stem to the speaker frame on the front pillars on most cars involving nothing more than tieing knots and threading line. it sounds complicated but its really not once you work it out its routene takes a moment or two tops.
    now comfort? Not all cars are created equal in this respect some work briliant some not so good.
    Best car i ever had for sleeping in was a daihatsu rocky it was easy to turn that into one huge bed, all you did was slide front seats forward as far as they would go remove pull out head rests and recline the front seats which matched the rear seat base perfectly, then recline the back seat into the tail gate area . One big double bed. perfectly flat bbut you could tilt the back seat up slightly si it was kind of like a bolster. That truck was perfect car to sleep in so comfortable.
    Many other cars and station wagons are sinilar but i do not know what it is with modern cars over here, but recliming seats have way too much lumber region curve to them for comfortable reclining and you end up with your head too far back and a massive hump from the backrest in your back.
    So many cars are like this now, , way around this is hust two foam caravan seat sections cut to fill the gap between the seats and suport your back giving you a flat soft back rest which takes the weight off your back side whic lets you stretch out flat and comfortable. clutch brake and throttle are annoying but you can learn to live with this of if just me and the dog i sleep in passenger side of car.
    how you go about creating a flat sleeping platform is dependent on the individual car but you got to be able to stretch out and have total comfort even if you have to remove a centre console to achieve this. prior to leaving home. its a case of working out what you need to do ang experimenting. but once you got it worked out its way better than waking up with a rock in your back in a tent.
    Heating ,. Two plant pots a single ten mm bolt and some washers old saucer and some cheap T lites. crack both windows about 6mm open and place plant pot stove in a safe place . T lites smell parafin like but this keeps midges away and you wont wake up with sore throat or die of carbon monoxide poisoning in the night because car is ventilated.
    This will keep the sleeping area above freezing in up to about minus 13C after that you are needing highlander stove or some other heater to keep warm.
    Being a redneck and a born scruff i will sleep in the same area as the dog, even if in the rear of the car the heat a big old labrador gives off is considerable, and it can get too hot even in winter some times. .