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    My bike and my kit would more properly be called middleweight, but I recently finished reading this thread in its entirety and it really inspired me to make some changes for the better so I thought I would post up anyway. My previous backcountry bike was a TW200, and while that little mule was quite happy to lug along everything I piled on, I'm happy to report that the kit I packed on my CB500X earlier this week was smaller and lighter than I ever brought along on the TW. I was able to downsize from the Large size Wolfman Expedition Dry Duffel to the Small size to accompany my Wolfman Expedition Dry saddlebags and small Camelback backpack.

    Bike loaded:


    Set up in camp:


    Everything laid out:


    -Blue Bag - track spikes for camp shoes. The lightest/smallest packed shoes I've been able to find that I can actually walk around in. Bought on sale for $22.
    -Boonie cap
    -Paperback book
    -Stupid big tire gauge
    -Spare tube (will work in front or rear if needed)
    -BeadBrakr tire changing kit + tube patches
    -Tool Roll - definitely need to downsize more here
    -Alps Zenith 3 tent - I've considered smaller freestanding tents but the packed size doesn't seem to go down as much as the space inside the pitched tent does. Nice to have one tent that works well for solo or 2-up trips with plenty of room. Nice price too!
    -Camelback for drinking water, small items, and a soft lunchbox type cooler for the evening's cold beverages
    -Green bag is pantry/bear bag. Some Clif bars and Larabars and a couple of dehydrated backpacker's meals. Paper towels (folded in squares and packed flat in a sandwich bag), trash bags, and paracord to hang the bag at night. The bag is oversized for this much food but I also put all my cookware and toiletries in there overnight.
    -Red bag is Nalgene bottle and anodized aluminum Olicamp mug. The Olicamp mug takes the place of a full cook kit that I almost never used all of. It worked surprisingly well for boiling water for the backpacker's meal and instant coffee in the morning. Since it slips over the end of the Nalgene bottle, it takes up almost no additional space. Love it.
    -Orange bag contains 3.9 oz MSR Isopro fuel bottle, folding MSR stove, Ti mug, Ti Light My Fire spork, lighter, and Nescafe instant coffee packets. The stove, spork, lighter, and coffee go in the mug to save space.
    -Helinox chair - I no longer consider this an optional luxury.
    -GSI Outdoors micro table - just awesome to have.
    -Dark Green bag is long johns, extra socks, chinos, warm hat. Doubles as a pillow.
    -Toiletry bag - I wear contacts so I have to lug around glasses, solution, lens case, and a washcloth to really clean my hands. Maybe I'll get Lasik just to save the space.
    -Big Agnes 15* synthetic sleeping bag in an Alps 9"x20" compression sack. That gets it down to around 9"x10" compressed. I have a Snugpak Jungle bag for warmer weather that's much more compact, but the 45* rating on that bag is BS.
    -Big Agnes Air Core Insulated sleeping pad. I'm getting rid of my Thermarest pads, this one is thicker and much more comfortable AND it packs smaller.
    -Cold Steel Axe Gang Hatchet cut down to 16", with a Helko leather bit cover.
    -Sven Saw (in a machete sheath) - learned of this awesome tool right here.

    I was extremely happy using this kit, and didn't feel like I was missing anything I needed to be comfortable in camp. Even writing it all here though, I see some obvious areas for improvement. Thanks to everyone who has contributed to this thread for all of the helpful information and inspiration to get my kit lighter and smaller. It just makes riding off-pavement so much more enjoyable.
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    Bump for a great thread for those looking to take a lightweight approach to motocamping
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    fing photobucket destroyed this thread too
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