Snappin Turtle September 11-13 Barryville,NY

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    BMWMCNorthJersey “Snappin’ Turtle” (Easy) Rally

    September 11 - 13

    Our 29th year at Cedar Rapids-Barryville, NY

    Snappin Turtle (Easy) Rally…… A no fuss laid back Rally a real easy deal and to keep the price to a minimum…. Here are the highlites !!!!

    · Lots of New renovations to Cedar Rapids Lodge and Restaurant. One of the nicest camp grounds on the Delaware River! Flush Toilets, Showers, Bar and Restaurant on Premises.

    · Camp Friday and or Saturday. Only $ 10 dollars a nite.

    · At 7 PM Saturday we will meet on the deck of the lodge, do door prizes and a 50/50, have beer and soda provided by the club, Those that want to can order their own dinner. (great food) FYI most people get their camping fee back in Free Beer!!!

    · Fire wood will be provided by club. For Group Campfire

    · DOOR PRIZES *** Snacks on Friday

    · As usual all friends of club members and of BMW welcome.

    · Great roads, great camping, great people.

    · Turtle

    Contact Pat Restaino for more info… [email protected]


    · Ride one of the largest zip lines in the east-across the road-

    · Rent a canoe, raft, kayak right at the campground.

    · Ride some of the best roads in the area to:

    Rohman’s 1846 Bar and Bowling Alley

    Chet’s Place

    Dozens of Historic towns and sites
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