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So... what are the best low buck GPSs?

Discussion in 'GPS 101 - Which GPS For Me' started by markk53, Nov 6, 2019.

  1. kiwi_outdoors

    kiwi_outdoors Been here awhile

    Nov 16, 2007
    Oakland, CA
    loading routes depends - if you bough a routable map database from Garmin - then you can use Basecamp to create routes and export to your device. My DVD Garmin map is NOT routable - grrr.
  2. scootertrog

    scootertrog Jedi Fart Master

    Mar 26, 2011
    Springfield, MO
    I’ve created routes with both Routeconverter and Mappite and transferred them into the appropriate folder on a Nuvi 1490T. For the maps not being “Basecamp derived”, the routes turned out pretty true on the Nuvi’s screen after the recalculation process. Problem is, well one of them anyway, was that the Nuvi always thought it knew better while out on the road and wanted to create a deviation from what was planned. Switching to track files and a Kyocera DuraforcePro solved that.
  3. Yellowjacket

    Yellowjacket Long timer Supporter

    Feb 20, 2008
    In my kitchen baking brownies

    Did you not read what his requirements were?
    1. it must have said road mapping, so I can tell if a road dead ends and also some prediction of what is ahead.
    2. Water proof of course.
    3. Easily mounted and please mention what you are using to hold the GPS on the bike.
    4. Price - remember this is about a low buck unit, say available under $250.
    That's why I recommended the 78. He said nothing about all the stuff you mentioned. You don't even know if he is going to do all the stuff you mentioned.

    Perhaps you're judging the unit based on what you want a GPS to do, not what HE wants a GPS to do.
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  4. ohgood

    ohgood Just givver tha berries !!!

    Sep 21, 2010
    yep i did.
    1 yeppers, that's pretty standard for all gps/apps
    2 yeppers, that's pretty standard for gps units / phones
    3 yeppers, an $11 silicon mount from amazon
    4 yeppers, about $50 (fifty, not five hundred!) on ebay/swappa/fbmarketplace/etc
    5 the 78 is going to require using usb/laptop/desktop to do anything with maps, tracks/waypoints/etc - that's why i mentioned it.
    6 nope. i'm listing the stuff that's going to have to happen to get maps and tracks onto the unit. what _i_ want it to do, the 78 cannot do. what -most- people expect a gps to do, the 78 will require extra software, along with a laptop/desktop to complete regular processes like adding maps, tracks/waypoints/ etc.

    i'm not anti-78, just listing things that a really experienced 78 user may have forgotten about mentioning to a newbie. it's REALLY OLD TECH that needs a lot of support from outside software to do stuff. that's all :-) .

    i didn't even get into the user-interface issues when trying to rename waypoints, add descriptions to tracks, etc... that's a whole 'nother ball of wax. the route point limits, track length, archiving, etc all are there too, from a decade ago. but that's another subject in usability that would need addressing. tech marched on since then. :-) . if the 'newbie' is just going to hand it to an event organizer and ask them to do everything for them for a fee, of course it will work fine. :-)
  5. kickstandsup

    kickstandsup Devout Atheist Supporter

    Mar 21, 2013
    Kitty litter USA
    TomTom Rider 550 on sale for $240.


    I've had one for a year, using it here and in Europe. Great device and the MyDrive mapping portel is incredibly easy to use, works just like Google maps, syncs with the device wirelessly. Easy to upload GPX files. Great mount, simple to wire into the bike. Long battery life when not connected. Free worldwide maps.

    There's a thread here:

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