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Discussion in 'Latin America' started by Three Dawg, Oct 30, 2019.

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    Apologies if this is well known, but in case not, SOAP compulsory vehicle insurance can be bought online and paid for using Paypal. Go to the HDI Seguros page and towards the bottom find the box to click for Seguros SOAPEX. This then takes you to the start of a simple application. We paid about US$28 for 42 days. A PDF can be printed or stored on your phone.

    Unfortunately HDI in Chile don't do cross border/MERCOSUR insurance, but the SOAP will get you started.
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    Glad to see HDI has opened up their online portal again. I used it several years ago and then tried it again in 2017 only to find out that I had to buy it in person. Thanks for the update.