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Sold Sold Pending Pick-up -- Kendon Stand-Up Folding Motorcycle Lift

Discussion in 'Bike Parts and Accessories' started by mdsn969, Oct 21, 2021.

  1. mdsn969

    mdsn969 Long timer Supporter

    Dec 9, 2007
    NE Florida
    Kendon Stand-Up Folding Motorcycle Lift
    36" Tool Tray (I added an aluminum lip around the tray)
    Scissor Bike Jack (Not Kendon, one I modified to work)
    One set of Tie Downs

    Stand-Up Folding Bike Lift for anything from large American V-Twin and metric cruisers, including Harley-Davidson, Goldwing and Indian, to Dirt Bikes, Sportbikes, Scooter and Moped applications.

    Weight: 185 lbs
    Capacity: 1000 lbs
    Standing Height: 74 inches
    Max Width: 28 inches
    Depth: 17 inches
    Operation: Air / Hydraulic

    Key motorcycle lift features and benefits:
    • Innovative patented folding stand-up™ design saves space
    • 17 in. x 26 in. footprint fits almost anywhere
    • Air-over-hydraulic jack can be used with manual pump or air compressor
    • Two front tie-down loops, two rear tie-down loops to secure motorcycle
    • Five-position adjustable height lock
    • Working height of 32″ fully raised
    • Removable front loop for front wheel access
    • Removable rear section for rear wheel access
    • Narrow-rail construction for complete, easy access to your ride
    • Built-in caster rollers for easy maneuverability
    • Powder-coated frame
    • Perfect for bike cleaning, maintenance, and service work
    Lift is in my storage unit and it is difficult to get it clean, when I get it home and nicely cleaned I post up some more pictures. It is in great shape.

    Asking $500, pick up in Jacksonville Florida area (I would meet you half way at a reasonable distance).

    Ps. The only reason that I am selling my last motorcycle, kendon trailer, and kendon lift is because my left knee has finally given up the ghost :muutt

    01 lift.jpg 02 IMG_7643.jpeg 03 Lift_Animation.gif 04 IMG_7647.jpeg 05 Tool Tray 36 inch.jpg 06 IMG_7646.jpeg
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  2. mdsn969

    mdsn969 Long timer Supporter

    Dec 9, 2007
    NE Florida
    New pics, I found a crack in the air hose, so I installed a new longer hose. (New pics after cleaning)

    IMG_7666.jpeg IMG_7667.jpeg IMG_7668.jpeg IMG_7669.jpeg