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    This aggressive new off-road tire also has street-legal DOT status; approved for Six Days competition by the FIM. Purchased new for my 2011 Husaberg FE570. New, normally sells for $243 on Amazon. It comes with a heavy duty tube that is also new. Get this package deal from me for a lot less! Dual-Sport/Desert The dual-sport market arguably encompasses the most far-ranging realm in all of motorcycling. And that’s why Dunlop offers tires that can withstand the rigors of Baja racing while also meeting the needs of adventure-touring riders piloting 1200cc bikes in search of abandoned logging roads. For years, Dunlop has dominated grueling long-distance desert races such as the world-renowned Baja 500 and 1000, where factory riders run our dual-sport tires at sustained speeds in excess of 100 mph. And for years, dual-sport riders also have depended on Dunlop tires for commuting, weekend sport riding, or long-distance explorations.

    $150 plus shipping using PayPal. Shipping costs will need to be calculated after I receive your ship to zip code.

    - Enduro/dual-sport.
    - Street legal.
    - Approved for competition by the FIM.
    - Heavy-duty construction designed to withstand the punishing demands of off-road riding.

    20200302_081625_resized.jpg 1-20200302_070909_resized.jpg 1-20200302_070721_resized.jpg 1-20200302_070733_resized.jpg 1-20200302_070848_resized.jpg 1-20200302_070852_resized.jpg 1-20200302_071004_resized.jpg