Solo stealth camping safety

Discussion in 'Americas' started by IRideASlowBike, Feb 23, 2011.

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    Man I can't stand KOA's my Gramma from Colorado always stopped there when we would do road trips as kids. Not that interesting for a kid raised in northern BC out in the sticks. So far from camping it's not even funny, might as well go to a Walmart parking lot.
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    Feb 23, 2010
    That's true, but I'm not looking for a wilderness experience at a KOA. I go backpacking for that, this is road side accommodation.

    I get a lot for my money there, I think. First, I rarely pay more than $20-25 which is about half the price of a reasonable cheap motel. What I get: lots of comforts, like clean restrooms, hot showers, a place to cook, a safe place to leave my gear, and none of the alcohol associated problems that are becoming more commonplace in public campgrounds. I get tired of the partiers with their music blaring, yelling, trash, huge bonfires, and general disregard for anyone else. You don't often have to deal with that at a KOA-type campground.

    Plus, after riding by myself all day, I can wander around and talk to people if I want- unlike a motel room where I'm closed inside with a TV set, 4 walls and a dreary sameness to each room.

    If you think of KOA-type campgrounds as camping you'll be disappointed, I guess. For me, they beat the heck out of being stuck inside a motel room.

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    I always ask permission first...usually after talking to a local about good riding roads. I have also had great luck asking the local Police and assuring them I would leave only footprints and pick up any trash I found. I also like to hunt snakes and so I request permission before entering private property. Game Wardens know all sorts of great places to camp where it is clean and safe.

    Attitude is everything! Be positive and considerate. 90% of people are interested in where you have been. Ride safe!