Sometimes it is just about the simple things!

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    Sep 1, 2016
    I had a fantastic ride yesterday! It was only about 80 miles and all on pavement. No real twistes, mostly rural streets on section lines with a lot of stop signs and 90 degree corners. Pretty slow ride for pavement. The scenery was not all that great and the weather was warm. Most likely because I didn't ride with my mesh gear. No great lunch stop, only the quick lunch I threw in my bag. It was close to home in Idaho and not some exotic place.

    So, why was it a fantastic ride? I went for a ride with my long term riding buddy. Partner on many single tracks with our dirt bikes and lots of miles on our ADV bikes. He has been on a six month battle with stage 4 cancer. I really never thought I would get to ride with him again. However, he texted and said he wanted to go for a ride. He struggled some, his skills pretty rough, but overall he did pretty good. It felt great to follow him around the loop but at the same time pretty sad. Hope to get to ride again with him fairly soon though I know those opportunites are limited. Sometimes it can be about simple things. No RTW trips, great scenery, fast twisties, or technical single track. Just riding with a good buddy can be an epic ride.

    Oh, by the way, cancer really sucks!
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    Jan 5, 2017
    Very sorry to hear about your buddy. My dad, who lived until 95 told me, "You only get to ride this ride one ride the ride". Sounds like your friend is getting everything out of his laps around the sun. And, yes, cancer sucks. Glad that you are there for him to spend precious time with.
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    Wow so sorry to hear of your friend.
    I lost my Dad to cancer and just recently a really good friend of mine.
    It’s great he wants to ride and enjoy himself with whatever time he may have.
    Do all you can with him.
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