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Soon-to-be Jakarta expat rider questions

Discussion in 'Asia' started by KiriBKK, Feb 2, 2020.

  1. KiriBKK

    KiriBKK Adventurer

    Feb 1, 2014

    It looks like I will be moving to Jakarta for work for a few years. I worked in Bangkok in the past, commuting by motorcycle daily and getting in a good amount of touring, including into Laos and Cambodia. I've only visited Indonesia briefly, and have done no riding there before. I'm trying to get a sense of the riding scene over there.

    Big bike availability and dealer network: Thailand has gotten pretty good for big bikes in the past 8 years or so. A lot of the big manufacturers have assembly plants there and decent dealer networks. Thailand has high excise taxes on larger bikes, but for locally assembled bikes it wasn't too bad. Maintenance and parts availability were reasonable. How's the situation in Jakarta? Is there much selection in the dual sport and ADV categories? How is pricing compared to the US? Maintenance, parts, and general ease of doing business? Any brands with a particularly good presence, or to avoid? I think I will be able to import one vehicle from the US (car or motorcycle), so I'm trying to figure out which makes sense to bring and which to purchase locally.

    Riding: I expect I'll be doing a mix of commuting within Jakarta, weekend trips outside the city, and a couple of week+ tours a year. Where are the good places to go to escape the city, and what kind of riding is available? In Thailand I ended up with a KLX 250 for urban commuting and off road, and a Ducati Hyperstrada for longer tours and mountain roads. For Indonesia it looks like a dual sport thumper and maybe Versys 650 or similar would be a better way to go. Any Indonesians or expats with experience and recommendations?

    Online resources: Any other good online resources for riding or general expat life in Jakarta/Indo?