South Central KY ride April 2013: GPS data

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    View attachment 314432 Note that by downloading these files, you are accepting all responsibility for verifying their accuracy and the safe use of the data. There may be conditions on the routes and tracks depicted that are outside the abilities of you or your bike. A reasonable effort has been made to ensure that the route and tracks depicted are all public roads but you are accepting responsibility for where you ride. All of the routes and tracks depicted were ridden by 3 riders on 3/28/2013.

    The attached file has routes for those who can use for turn by turn navigation. Additionally, I have included 3 tracks with each under 200 points for those with older GPS receivers.

    If you have questions or comments, please reply in the South Central KY ride thread so others may benefit from the discussion. Have fun.

    *Attachment updated 4/2/13 to remove extraneous waypoint and turn near the end of the route.

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