South East Asia on rented bikes?

Discussion in 'Asia Pacific' started by Hangar14, Aug 15, 2017.

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    My wife decided we need to go to South East Asia this winter and told me to make plans. She actually suggested the Philippines, but Thailand, Vietnam, and Cambodia look like better places to go.

    Upon looking at packages for these places, I have found a few motorcycle adventures. One place has Enfields, those look fun.

    Here is ideally what we want to do.

    10 to 15 day trip divided into a couple different adventures. We will both ride our own bikes, we are both experience motorcycle riders. I want about a 5 day motorcycle trip during our vacation.
    When we are done with the motorcycle portion of the trip, want to do some other stuff like kayaking, maybe sailing and snorkeling. We would rather spend most of the trip in rural parts of the country rather than in major cities, but we will make time to explore at least one major city (Bangkok?)

    I just started researching this today and would love to get some feedback from other inmates who have done similar trips.

    Yes, I am googling ADV for threads about this, but would still like to hear relevant advice that is current, not from a 3 year old thread.
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    Can't go wrong flying into Chiang Mai, Thailand, pick up a couple of rental bikes & head north. Honda CB 500 X is perfect for the north. Bike with top & side cases, about $26 a day. 5 days is about perfect for a trip up there. Check out GT-Rider for some great roads & loops you can do. Do get an International Drivers License. the cops in Chiang Mai just started wanting to see this, once out of CM, no one cares. A $5 fine is imposed on the spot if you do not have it. Fly south to Krabi for the beach & water sports.
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    Following, wife and I are trying to decide where to go on 2-3 week trip and like you both ride and want other adventures.
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    plenty of big bikes for rent here in Phuket but they will not usually let you take them off the island. but i wouldn't bother with a big bike here anyhow, a scooter is way cheaper and does the job great.