Spent a week in Ouray/Telluride...

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    I was out there on my 701 Enduro with my brother (701E), cousin (690AdvR), and two friends (500exc & 790 Adv R). It was the first time in the West at altitude on dirt for all of us so we went out there knowing what youtube could teach us and not much else. The first day of riding (Sunday) disabused us of any thoughts about youtube being a good teacher. We left at 10:30 to ride Ophir/Imogene thinking we'd be back by 2 or 3... and got back at 7:30 (Imogene ate our lunch). I'll get to that day once I have time to edit the footage... but here's a video of my "web redemption" run up Imogene on Friday after a week of learning the ropes (with rain threatening).

    May be of interest to folks planning/taking their first trip to the San Juan Mtn. area. I talk about some of the things we learned and that we'd do differently if we were to do it over.

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    Good video of the pass and tx for posting! :clap
    Glad you mentioned hydration, as far too many people don't bring/drink enough water.
    The big mistake many people make is to drink a bunch of alcohol and/or sodas both of which will dehydrate you as fast as the 8% humidity does... First few days of arriving in a high altitude place is to really hydrate with tea (herbal no caffeine) and water and leave the booze alone unless your not doing anything strenuous. Just think of what the Sherpa's drink in the Himalaya's.... YMMV